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Sunday, July 17, 2016


I know what you may be thinking "Why would anyone ever want to give up bacon? or ice cream?" Let me start off by saying that I am not currently, as of this publish post date a vegan or vegetarian. but I do have so much respect for them and I aspire to follow in their footsteps. Another disclaimer is that I do not claim to be an expert on veganism or the food industry; these are just some facts that I know and opinions that I am sharing.

Since I've been at school since the end of the semester for summer classes I've had a lot more free time on my hands, which I've dedicated to my health. Ever since I ended my competitive swimming career my body has changed and morphed into something almost unrecognizable. I don't feel like myself and I am dedicated to changing that. I go to the gym everyday and making healthy decisions when preparing my meals.

With all of the free time that I have I spend a lot of it on the internet. Kalel Cullen, a Youtuber and Vegan activist, has been my more recent obsession, along with veganism. She has been the biggest reason as to why I have been more interested in veganism. In the video below she explains her reason for going vegan and all of the benefits(health & environmental) that are associated with eleminating animal products from your diet.

The health reasons were initially the main reasons I was interested in a vegan diet. Cooking my own food and buying my own groceries and eating alone(not sad/not sarcastic) has made eating a healthier diet a lot easier for me. I wanted to cut out as many processed foods as I could(I don't eat many usually) and have a diet primarily based on whole foods. But as I researched veganism more, the outlook I had on animal food products changed.

*WARNING - graphic video clips below*

According to an article written by David Robinson Simon, "Each year, U.S. Department of Agriculture–managed programs spend $550 million to bombard Americans with slogans such as these urging us to buy more animal foods." Meat is such a social article that has been embedded into our society. For me the hardest part about trying to transition over to a vegan lifestyle is obviously the diet. I am currently eating a primarily plant based diet with minimal amounts of animal food products. I don't want to give up dairy products(even though I don't usually eat them) and fish. Going out to eat and having to choose a meal without any animal products while your friend next to you orders a large bacon cheeseburger 

However, I am slowly, very slowly trying. A big help for me has been Pinterest, looking up vegan recipes has honestly been a lot of fun, especially when there are so many healthy, delicious options and alternatives out there. I'm not a large fan of the idea of meat substitutes but with the rise of health gurus there are multiple vegan food products that are available in stores.

The takeaway form this post is that if you're interested in losing weight, becoming more environmentally healthy, or you just love animals I implore you to get educated on the food that you put in your body and the places you spend your money and to really reflect on the impact you can have with simple changes.

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