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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


If I don't get the RA position next year then I'll get to live in the euchlid house. Part of me hopes that I don't get the position and I'll get to live in it with Tom and Stevie and possible one other mysterious(TBD) housemate. I can imagine crazy Friday nights and lazy Saturday mornings all within the confines of a Scandinavian clad home, complete with our own bar and spacious loft. I found specs of the house online and writing this post is all I can do to keep myself from linking Tom and Stevie.

Ever since I told them about the house, they've been extremely excited. Who wouldn't be? Living off campus with your friends. But Stevie has been a bit controlling in the whole affair. I understand that living with other people means you have to compromise, but I can't help feel like Stevie seems to be calling a lot of the shots. I once brought up wanting to throw a party and Stevie right away expressed his distaste for my idea, saying who he was "not down" for it. I'd just like to host a party once, although I doubt it will ever happen since I'd have to provide refreshments and clean up after all the craziness. More likely than not we'll throw a couple of kickbacks or lowkey get-togethers.

Since both Tom and Stevie are within the 50 mile radius, they can use that excuse to live off campus, but the problem will be finding another housemate. Obviously my go to choice would be Reina, but since she's a 2+3 pre-pharm(TT^TT so smart) she's required to live on campus her sophomore. In fact, all sophomores are required to live on campus, unless they have a viable reason that excuses them. So, our housemate would either be an upperclassman, a commuter, or a sophomore with an excuse. I wouldn't mind living with any of the above, the problem is: most upperclassmen, if they choose to live off campus, live with their own friends, commuters live at home, and it is difficult to get approval to live off campus. I suggested doing interviews with prospective housemates, which Tom responded enthusiastically towards, Stevie a little less.

I understand not wanting to live with a stranger, but at this point we don't really have another choice. I'm just hoping an attractive person will come out of nowhere and live with us :3. Of course, thats just me fantasizing again. Imagining life next year at euchlid just gets me so excited for sophomore year; I've already started thinking about the interior design and the backyard decor.

All of this has got me excited for next semester. I'm ready for a clean slate and ready to meet and vibe with new people.