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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Who we are

A friend of mine, Josh, and I have a joke about a list with all of the reasons as to why I don't have a boyfriend. Which basically consisted of me being random:

1) Makes random noises
2) Makes random faces
3) Bring up random topics

He recently gave me an evaluation of what he thought my romantic future was going to be like.

1) I become a "cold, hearted bitch with a tall ass white boyfriend"(his words)
2) End up with an average guy

Josh is very cynical and is the "prepare for the worst" type of person. To get what I "want" I'll have to change myself. My "type" can be characterized as tall and white. Unfortunately, this type is very common among the general population of females. These guys know that they get girls so they just do whatever they want. They also go for girls who aren't as "weird".

Essentially Josh thinks I'm going to compromise my character to get what I want. I'll tone down the weird and be more bitchy.

I'm going to experiment and see what happens. This is an extremely shitty time to experiment with finals coming up, but I want to see what happens.


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