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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Senioritis // Part 1

Let me just say that senioritis hit me so bad yesterday. My plan for the day was to be somewhat productive. Go dress shopping, come home do some college FAFSA stuff, then go to practice. but my plan went out the window.

What really happened was not exactly that.

In the morning I went to a yoga class with Sandy. Then we had breakfast with Jin and Hannah, after which we went dress shopping. I was feeling extremely discouraged since I didn't find much, especially since dress shopping is extremely difficult and tiring. Saying all this I was exhausted from shopping not to mention the yoga class in the morning.

Sandy convinced me to ditch practice and go to the beach. Giving in to my inner devil I went for it, she drove Jin, Joowon, and me to Sharktooth Cove which is a beach in Davenport.

We even walked to the top of the cliffs and stood on the edge right above the water and the view was insane.


It was pretty legit after Sandy made me watch Jay Alvarez's video the beach trip pretty much was the epitome of freedom and an awesome life. Not to mention once I got home from the beach Phineas finally messaged and asked for my number ^_^, which I was extremely ecstatic about.


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