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Friday, October 31, 2014


Throughout my high school career I've always wanted to wear a football jersey. Seeing girls on game days dressed in their significant others' uniforms made me really envious; not because their boyfriends were on the team but that they got to represent a player. Senior year is supposed to be the year where, after college apps and standardized testing, you go do things you wouldn't normally because YOLO its the last year in high school.

In Stats I've befriended a classmate, Michael, and I told him about how I had always wanted to wear a jersey. He suggested that I ask someone(real original); I don't know many people on the team other than S and I clearly wasn't going to ask him for his jersey especially since I'm pretty sure he and Penny may have a thing(they went to homecoming together). The only other person I (sort of) knew on the team was Jkim. We had English together last year and we currently snapchat on and off. I thought it'd be weird if I asked him since there was a sort of awkward tension between us but I decided to squash my anxiety and just go for it.

On Wednesday at break I was in the general vicinity of where he hangs out. I was going to ask him then but he was with friends and I didn't want to ask him in front of them because it was way too intimidating. When the bell rang for 4th period he and some of his friends started walking towards my direction. Baba was with him and I had Econ with him next so I saw an opening. I joined him and started talking to him about Econ while trying to talk to Jkim. Peculiarly Jkim acted strange and didn't look at me and walked to class very quickly.

In Econ I went over to Baba's desk so that I could ask for advice. He helped me and when the bell rang for lunch he went with me to look for Jkim. We ended up walking to the parking lot to see if we could intercept him before he left and just when Baba told me he thought that Jkim had probably left I saw him and pointed him out. Baba told me that I could do the next part by myself and left against my protest. I went over to Jkim and started small talk about the game on friday and if he was ready. He was walking really fast to get to a meeting I found out about later out; luckily it wasn't that weird/awkward so I proceeded with my request. I asked him if anyone was wearing his jersey and he told me that his sister was and when I said "Ohhhh ok" he quickly apologized and said that he would give me his jersey for senior night if I wanted to come. ^_^ Of course I said yes and we parted ways because I had to go to a LINK meeting and he had to go his football meeting. According to Michael, he walked into his meeting pretty happy so of course that made me happy ehehhe. I can't wait for Senior night and if me wearing Jkim's jersey has any other effects on other players of the team then it'll be a win-win.


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