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Monday, April 14, 2014

Prom // 100th post

The day has finally come! This will be my 100th post since the beginning of this blog. Coincidentally, it coincides with the weekend of junior prom. Saturday, April 12, 2014 was Junior Prom. To be honest, I did not find it as much fun as I thought it was going to be. At around 3pm I started getting ready, with a shower and then nails. Doing my nails took time, because I didn't want to mess them up and then have to redo them, by the time they dried and I wanted to start my hair it was 3:50pm. The group that I went with was supposed to meet up at Ally's house at 4:45pm for pictures. Of course by the time it was 4:15 I had curled exactly 4 strands of my hair(my hair is kind of thick) and had no make up done. My mother frantically trying to get me to hurry by telling me to plug in the flat iron to do curls(which did nothing because my hair wouldn't work with it. So she rushed me out of the house and drove me to my aunt's salon. There, my aunt started working on my hair right away while 2 other of the workers did my makeup and fixed my nails; I felt like quite the movie star.

After getting ready we rushed over to Ally's house for some quick pictures before heading off to dinner at Bella Mia's. On the way there, I was in Blake's car with Sydney and Nate and Lia were following behind us. Before we got onto 85 Nate rear ended us! I think it was because he was too busy talking with Lia. Luckily the car was fine and it was only the license plate cover that was a little scratched. When we got to the restaurant, we all ate our food and kind of just waited for 8pm.

I did not have a very good time at the restaurant. Everyone had dates and another girl and I were the only singles. It wasn't so much that I didn't have a date that upset, but I was just tired of the people and I didn't feel like talking much. After dinner we went out to the parking lot; I saw a vespa and of crouse I had to take a picture with it c: (Sydney and Syona were worried the owner was going to come out). As we were leaving we were freaking out because we thought the gate was going to come back down on top of us and we couldn't get out because a train was in front of us. Blake started driving with out his seatbelt and with the brake on; it was hilarious. Then we headed to the dance.
The venue was pretty nice with a nice balcony and photo booth. There I danced for about 85% of the time I would say, but at times I would find myself dancing straight faced and other times I just went crazy so I wouldn't have to feel anything. It was hard for me to find people that would dance crazily with me, because everyone kept getting tired so I jumped around a lot to different people. I also couldn't help but think about 2 people I wished that had gone, because I knew that they would have danced with me. After the dance ended we all went to coat check so grab our stuff and took pictures with friends(high definition ones are from Barbara).

After the dance we all went for some late night yogurt at yogurtland where we saw Sujin and Jessica and Chris and Aaron in the parking lot. We all just kind of sat there eating our yogurt in silence because we were tired. It reminded me of Avengers at the end of the movie were they all went to go eat Shawarma. In all it wasn't too bad of a night; if I could go back in time to decide whether I would go or night, I would probably still go. It was a decent way to start off Spring Break.


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