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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Crush //


My friend Anita has been suggesting me to watch the show Supernatural for a while now. I've always been a little confused with this show, confusing it with the show Smallville. Since it is my school's "winter break" this week, I decided there was no real harm in watching a couple of episodes. I have to say that this show reminds me of the show Ghostwhisperer. Which is also a good show by the way. Anywho, the show is about 2 brothers who start out looking for their father, who mysteriously vanishes while on the search for a supernatural being that murdered his wife(their mother), and battle other metaphysical beings along the way. It is not too bad, and so far from what I have seen(4 episodes LOL) there isn't particularly much drama(teen drama). I also have to say that Dean(left) is quite the attractive bachelor.


Lately I've been really into more soul / house / beat music. Music that doesn't have too many lyrics in it. This song above especially has a pretty awesome jazz vibe to it.


This song is an absolute gem. I found it a couple of weeks ago, but did really get around to posting it on here, and recently they finally made a music video for it. Take a listen I guarantee you will like it.

Recently I watched Endless Love, I have been a fan of Alex Pettyfer since I saw I am Number Four and I really enjoyed his acting and this movie. My latest celeb crush is Gabriella Wilde. She comes from an aristocratic family in England and started her career as a model and pursued a course in art while modeling. She then started her acting debut, and I have to say she does a very convincing American accent. I've always wondered how you would go about doing an American accent.

This has been another week of movies and in addition to Endless Love I decided to watch the 2006 classic John Tucker Must Die. I have to say its a pretty good, classic "chick flick." Brittany Snow and Arielle Kebbel are both in it and Brittany is just so adorable. The other actress Sophia Bush is in the film as well and for some strange reason she looks very familiar but I can't seem to place where I've seen her before; I think she was in another movie but I can't tell what movie it is.


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