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Friday, March 14, 2014

These Darn Allergies

This week has been pretty chill. I decided going to morning practice with Gemma to get a couple extra hours of practice in the day and I think it has been doing me some good. I go to sleep way earlier on Mondays and Tuesdays(around 9ish) so that I have about 7 or 8 hours of sleep still. Before I started going to mornings I thought Gemma was crazy for wanting to wake up at 5 and practice when instead you could be sleeping, but now I am seeing the appeal.

Tuesday // Thursday Morning
4:45 AM - Wake up / Get ready (eat, etc)
5:00 AM - Go to practice w/ Gemma
5:12 AM - Weight Room
6:15 AM - Get in pool
6:45 AM - Shower and get dressed for school
7:15 AM - Arrive home to eat another quick breakfast
7:28 AM - Leave for school

It is strange coming to school and seeing everyone so groggy-eyed and tired, while thinking about how my day started about 2 hours earlier. When I get home I'm pretty energetic from practice, but by 2nd period I start dozing out. On Thursday, I put my head on the desk to rest, but kept jerking myself awake because I didn't want Asplund to do something to me. Furthermore, when I woke up on Thursday I ate the chocolate mint cookie crunch balance bar and it was especially delicious.

I even got a reply from the company when I tweeted it in the morning. It literally tastes like the thin mint Girl Scout cookies, but chewier and not as crumbly. It's one of my must-haves for a workout day.

This week has been horrible concerning allergies. Ever since daylight savings I have been sneezing constantly with watery eyes. I couldn't fall a sleep at night because I COULDN'T BREATHE. I thought it was just losing an hour that messed me all up but nope, it was all my allergies.

Friday has the meet day and to be honest, I have no idea what Eric is thinking putting me in fly; it makes no sense and we don't even train stroke at practice so I have no way of practicing it. Anyway this week this girl at practice has been nice to me lately; I always assumed she didn't like me. When I first saw her my first impression was that she was really pretty, and the first day of pre-national she told me she thought that I was pretty and all I could think was "You are ridiculously pretty." Anyway I think maybe she's starting to respect me more because I've been going to practices more.


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