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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Post Full of Food

This weekend has been my opportunity to wind down and relax. Sydney and I had wanted to do a cooking challenge since summer, but we never got around to it so we decided that this weekend we would go ahead and make an attempt. Of course plans changed and we ended up making lunch(not timed) because Sydney's parents had already made a plan to go out to dinner. After Chinese school, I headed over to her house and we started making our lunch. On the menu we had a Chicken Alfredo pasta, a Caesar salad, and Mini wonton tacos.

Sydney and I were quite pleased with what we accomplished and it all tasted really good. The tacos were delicious but hurt a little to eat, because the tips got hard and would poke you in the mouth. After lunch we went upstairs to experiment with makeup. Personally I do not wear makeup for 3 reasons; 1) I want people to see me "naturally" without any kind of enhancements, 2) I don't want other people to realize that I look weird without makeup if I don't wear it(girls that usually wear makeup that don't some days), and 3) My parents won't let me. Sydney and I were trying to figure out how we were going to do our makeup for prom; it was quite hilarious, because when Sydney's mom tried to put eyeshadow on Sydney, Sydney started freaking out(she isn't used to wear lots of makeup). It was very comical; when she told me to put some on, I applied the liquid eyeliner like a pro. Sometimes when I get bored and I don't have much to do I like to experiment and practice with makeup, of course I have no idea how blush or foundation or concealer or eyeshadow or any of that stuff works, but I think I've nailed the liquid liner.

After we did our makeup, I went with Sydney's family to dinner. We ended up going to Ariake Sushi(I was ecstatic ^_^). I always feel strange when I go to dinner with other family's because I never know what to order. So I decided to play it safe and order a simple inexpensive dish, the Takki Maki. It said that it included 6 rolls and was only $3.15; I figured that if I didn't eat to fast I would be able to be full. But when the dish came it was so small and I finished it in less than 5 minutes. It was delicious, but not very filling. After I had finished my rolls and Sydney had finished hers we sat there meekly at the rest of the food that; 2 orders of shrimp tempura rolls hadn't arrived yet and being polite I couldn't just finish up the sushi that was left. Sydney's mom saw that we had finished and we were still hungry so she told us to go grab something off of the boats that carried sushi. When I first sushi boats a couple of years ago I thought it was so clever and cute and made it easy for customers to grab whatever they liked. Being the indecisive person I am I didn't choose anything until the boats went around a couple of times. I had to consider the price of the rolls and it's contents; In the end I chose a roll with roe, avocado, crab meat, salmon and strange sweet, but spicy sauce.

It was very delicious, although I might have enjoyed it more without the sauce, but nonetheless I finished it in a timely manner. Of course after finishing those plates Sydney and I were still quite famished, so we decided to get another order or what we originally ordered. I got another Takki Maki and Sydney got another I Love You Roll. All in all it was very delicious dinner, and I will definitely be going back again, especially because on the back of Safeway receipts there is always a 15% off coupon and I can never pass up a good deal. After dinner we returned back to Sydney's house and we made ice cream. Yes I repeat we made ice cream, I put York Peppermint pieces in mine, while Sydney had Reese's. You essentially put ice and rock salt in a bag and then in a separate bag put heavy cream, sugar, vanilla extract, and whatever toppings. You place the ice cream bag(zipped up) inside of the ice bag, zip up that bag and shake it all together for 10 minutes. Your hands get really cold, but it makes the ice cream taste that much bette, because you made it yourself. After ice cream, Sydney and I watched Runner Runner with Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake, and Gemma Arterton(6/10 just because of the actors, the movie didn't really have a plot), Dance Moms (I feel so bad for the kids in that show) and Myrtle Manor(essentially a bunch of ratchet, white trash people). In total the hangout was a success.


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