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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Last Week of March

This is going to be an extra long post so bear with me here; I'm going to be reflecting on the last couple days of March.

Lydia and her father drove up to San Jose from LA to visit. I haven't seen them in 2 years since they last came to the States. They're family moved from Thailand to LA when Lydia was in third grade. We all went out to eat for dinner to catch up. At a restaurant in Cupertino, we had a lot to eat and the food was all delicious.

After an awesome dinner and discussing the differences between Thailand culture and American culture, which by the way is very interesting to hear about(They don't have any Mexican food there). I kind of wanted to go get some Pearl Milk Tea, luckily my mother wanted to get some pastries so we drove a couple minutes to the Joy Luck Palace Plaza to get some pastries and pearl tea from Fantasia. The PMT was really good, I remember not knowing what it was and not thinking that it tasted very good because the first account of me trying milk tea was when Sandy made me drink a Taro flavored one and I was not very fond of it. I think it definitely takes some time to get used and after drinking it you become accustomed
to its taste.

*Skipping days

Studying for Friday's Calc Test and stressing over grades, so theres nothing else to do but bake! I baked some homemade chocolate chip cookies and they were absolutely delicious. I need to start dieting haha I've been baking every couple weekends. I used to be bad at baking these cookies because for some reason every time that I tried to make them they would turn out really dark, but I think that was only because with the light on the cookies still looked uncooked. My grandfather made the best cookies for us when he would come to visit us from Michigan. Anyway, the recipe is just the Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookies modified with only 1 cup of chocolate chips instead of 2.

Tuesdays are the days I "run" with Christina, every time we try to go running we always end up talking and catching up since Tuesdays is really the only day we see each other. This week we actually ran a little bit; she wanted to show me something so we ran towards Harry Rd. across the bridge and stopped. Christina showed me this awesome place on the creek with this huge tree; with the creek water running and the wind blowing it was so peaceful. I think I might go there and just meditate someday.

Last week varsity ended up running "The Hill" which is a 5 mile road that starts from school and circles back around. Edena wanted to run and I kind of wanted to do it again too. So Kate, Eden, and I started off jogging lightly and then started walking until Annemarie and Sanam showed up and we ended up walking together. At one point we got so thirsty that we picked fruit off someone's tree in their front yard and tried eating them(they were lemons).

No pics because my phone started freaking out and died on me, but after the Sobrato meet Gemma, Lauren and I ended up going to La Vic's and Yogurtland, because Lauren really wanted to get food. Her mom is so chill and super nice. It was my first time going to La Vic's and I actually really enjoyed it; I've had Iguana's and Chipotle but I personally think that La Vic's is really good. The burritos are about the same price as Chipotle's but are more satisfying. After we went next door for fro-yo. They had Irish Creme(mint) was exceptional and of course I covered my yogurt in mochi. Mochi is the only thing that I put on my yogurt haha its the best.

Anyway those were the last couple days that I wanted to write about since they were actually interesting. I've been wanting to vlog, but my life is so mundane that I doubt anyone would watch it because there would be nothing interesting. Furthermore, editing and school, not to mention the fact that I'm still stuck on imovie '09 blerghhhh.


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