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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly Crush //


This week has definitely been a week of songs. "My Day" by Danielle Bradbury is a really inspirational song especially with the olympic montage going on during the video. Since I have about an hour before I go to practice, I end up singing when I'm home alone LOL. Yea this is song is pretty fun to sing except I can only sing the verses, because the chorus is just too dang high!


Excellent choice^


This song is also very good, despite the misandric title it has a catchy beat. Heer, Emma and Sydney laughed at me when I told them about the song.

I've liked Jolyn Swimwear for a while now, but lately I've really wanted to order another pair. I order 2 pairs last year, but my bottoms are too small now so I've been meaning to get some more. I already I have 2 tops, colors: Deep Sea Blue & Black and now I'm thinking of getting mango bottoms. So now I'm just waiting for someone to create a group order so that I that I can just pay cash and because I don't have a credit card to buy things online.

Excuse the picture of the large ear, but I saw these earrings on Pinterest and I really liked the simplicity of the studs. They look almost like they're staples; that image gave of a weird mental picture, but these earrings are really cute; I think that they might be cuffs.


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