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Friday, February 28, 2014

Downpour // Time Trials

So today the rain was pouring so much and it is pretty nice, because California is currently in a drought. However, I don't particularly like the rain, because I don't really like getting wet. That might sound strange coming from a swimmer haha, but I don't like being dry then getting wet. Sorry that might sound a little confusing, but I hope you get my drift.

Anyway, Eric decided that this friday we were going to have time trials, basically a mock-swim meet to get a basic idea of our times, and of course it's pouring like crazy. I was not very happy with my times today, especially my 100 breakstroke time which i added an immense amount of time. The lesson I try to say to myself is that with this disappointment I should channel it into swimming and work even harder. I will be make CCS and I just have to work really hard and have positive thinking.

<-- enjoy my snapchat picture ^_^


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly Crush //


This week has definitely been a week of songs. "My Day" by Danielle Bradbury is a really inspirational song especially with the olympic montage going on during the video. Since I have about an hour before I go to practice, I end up singing when I'm home alone LOL. Yea this is song is pretty fun to sing except I can only sing the verses, because the chorus is just too dang high!


Excellent choice^


This song is also very good, despite the misandric title it has a catchy beat. Heer, Emma and Sydney laughed at me when I told them about the song.

I've liked Jolyn Swimwear for a while now, but lately I've really wanted to order another pair. I order 2 pairs last year, but my bottoms are too small now so I've been meaning to get some more. I already I have 2 tops, colors: Deep Sea Blue & Black and now I'm thinking of getting mango bottoms. So now I'm just waiting for someone to create a group order so that I that I can just pay cash and because I don't have a credit card to buy things online.

Excuse the picture of the large ear, but I saw these earrings on Pinterest and I really liked the simplicity of the studs. They look almost like they're staples; that image gave of a weird mental picture, but these earrings are really cute; I think that they might be cuffs.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Mixtape #7 // Valentine's Mix

notice me // alli simpson
any other way // daniela andrade
let it ride ft. caroline glaser // the new velvet
shiny toy guns // season of love
favorite girl // the icarus account
pretty brown eyes // cody simpson
flower // cody simpson
the stand in ft. leighton meester // check in the dark
you // the pretty reckless
remember when // chris wallace
how long will i love you // ellie goulding
heartstrings // leighton meester
favorite girl // katelyn tarter
angel of mine // the icarus account
here we go again // sweet talker
paris ft. pat rosal // april nhem
i will follow you into the dark // daniela and rare
lay me down // sam smith
valentine // kina grannis
all i wanted // joseph vincent
i really like you // carly rae jepsen
more than you'll ever know //nathan sykes
nothing really matters // mr. probz
happy lil' hippie // cody simpson


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekly Crush //

Justin's house in Los Altos has an amazing pool table. Literally everytime we go there for a party all the kids end up going into the "pool" room. I remember being at a party and trying to play pool; I was insanely bad and could not aim for my life, but I have improved a little and playing pool just reminds me of swanky bars and classy hotels. The pool table above is from Chuck Bass' room at the Empire.

I love Nina's attitude in this interview. She's comfortable being herself and being by herself, not getting hung up over relationships. I think a lot of girls now should try and take in her carefree and loving aura. I, myself, and definitely trying to exude an independent quality.

So I have really been into reading lately and my latest discovery has been the Vampire Academy series. I'm sure many people just look at the title and groan, "oh its just another dumb vampire/twilight love story." Trust me its not, well there is romance but its action packed and its surprisingly very good. I decided to start reading it because I wanted to see the movie because of Zoey Deutch. Of course before one sees a movie adaptation one must read the book. Honestly the first page definitely changed my opinion on the series. I highly recommend reading and seeing the movie only after reading the book and before you groan about how bad the movie will be the director of Mean Girls directed with film.

I've been really into these Timberland boots lately; this girl at my school has a pair I quite enjoy how they look. I know that they are technically "working" boots, but they look so comfortable. Unfortunately for me these boots are pretty expensive.


My newest celeb crush = Zoey Deutch. She is gorgeous and so down to earth and humorous. She is going to be in the new Vampire Academy movie and I'm so excited for the movie and I really can't wait to see it.