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Friday, December 19, 2014

Mixtape #8 // Remix // Beats

aube // gostan
younger (kygo remix) // seinabo sey
waves (axon remix) // jhameel
feisty (blue satellite remix) // jhameel
all i want (wolfskins x why man remix) // stonefox
no diggity vs. thrift shop (kygo remix) // ed sheer an & passenger
southern man // akshin alizadeh
changes (james curd remix) // faul & wad ad vs pnau
Now you see me // skogrä
young hearts (the chain smokers remix) // strange talk
shine (kygo remix) // benjamin francis leftwhich
adore ft. ariana grande // cashmere cat
take ü there ft. kiesza (missy elliot remix) // jack ü
all my friends (wave races remix) // snakehips
this could be us but you playing (nosleep remix) // rae sremmurd


Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Over the thanksgiving break I had some time to think. Shawty was the first person in a while who has asked for my number. People don't really do that anymore. Amidst the hookup culture and social media craze, old fashioned practices pike asking a girl for her number is almost antiquated. With social media everyone know what you're doing when you're doing it and with who; it leaves very little room for mystery.

Recently Christina and I were video chatting and we were characterizing each other's  types and her perception of my "type" nonetheless accurate and hilarious.
"Isabelle, I feel like the people you go for are like the small pistachio nuts at the bottom of the bag that just won't open. You try and try with the ideas and fantasies of what could be inside. And once you manage to crack open the nut it's black and shriveled up on the inside."

I, Isabelle am a pistachio nut cracker.

Anyway I digress, I noticed that in Spanish I like to play on my ice queen status and give off this "vibe". subconsciously I figured that maybe I'll attract another nut cracker like myself.

For various reasons I've decided to unplug from social media. (Hence why my social media buttons are not working). In a way this is my attempt at weeding out my friends and who wants to talk to me. People can stalk each other's profiles, but if I don't have one and someone needs to talk to me they can either text, call, email, videochat, or talk to me in person. There are tons of options that don't require any type of social media. Its been a couple of days and I'm not quite in withdrawal but it is definitely weird without it. Its kind of nice, I don't have to worry about what other people are doing(not that I really did anyway) and they don't have to worry about what I'm doing. Although it is a bit tough when I want to message Christina and she can't videochat because we have to resort to texting which is a lot slower than messaging.

I have more time for other things, I was actually practicing piano the other day, something I haven't done in several years. If you have ever considered deleting your social media I suggest you try it out. You can uninstall all the apps from you device and deactivate your Facebook but still have the accounts be there when you feel like coming back.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Friday Night Lights ✨

The last football game of the season. Senior night. It's bittersweet thinking about the end of high school. Sure I've spent most of it complaining about how much I hated it but now that its coming to an end, I can't help but feel a little sad.

Friday was pretty legit and I think one of the best football games I've ever been too. Lia and I got to wear jerseys ^_^.

I didn't end up wearing Jkim's jersey(even thought he already said he would give it to me) because of unknown reasons but I've just brushed his rudeness off. Michael who was an awesome friend helped me out. When I told him that Jkim didn't even bring up the jersey after I hinted at it in previous texts, Michael went out of his way to ask his friend if I could wear his jersey. Turned out the friend that he asked was "Shawty", who I've had previous encounters with since I am his Spanish TA.

 (I apologize for the pictures, they were not lining up correctly)

So I got to fulfill my high school dream of wearing a football jersey ^_^. After the game, Lia and I wanted to take pics with the athletes that we were representing and I had to get Lia to ask Kenny to fetch Shawty out of the locker room to take a picture with me. When he came out of the locker he kept giving me these strange looks but I just figure it was because I'm usually ice queen/ reserved/Blair Waldorf straight faced when I TA and outside of class I'm more animate and bubbly.
After the game, Lia, Syd and I ended up going to In n Out for some post-game snacks. The milkshakes were extremely sweet and as Sydney said we were getting "turnt on milkshakes".

Overall it was an amazing night of I'm definitely going to miss these high school friday night lights. 

Friday, October 31, 2014


Throughout my high school career I've always wanted to wear a football jersey. Seeing girls on game days dressed in their significant others' uniforms made me really envious; not because their boyfriends were on the team but that they got to represent a player. Senior year is supposed to be the year where, after college apps and standardized testing, you go do things you wouldn't normally because YOLO its the last year in high school.

In Stats I've befriended a classmate, Michael, and I told him about how I had always wanted to wear a jersey. He suggested that I ask someone(real original); I don't know many people on the team other than S and I clearly wasn't going to ask him for his jersey especially since I'm pretty sure he and Penny may have a thing(they went to homecoming together). The only other person I (sort of) knew on the team was Jkim. We had English together last year and we currently snapchat on and off. I thought it'd be weird if I asked him since there was a sort of awkward tension between us but I decided to squash my anxiety and just go for it.

On Wednesday at break I was in the general vicinity of where he hangs out. I was going to ask him then but he was with friends and I didn't want to ask him in front of them because it was way too intimidating. When the bell rang for 4th period he and some of his friends started walking towards my direction. Baba was with him and I had Econ with him next so I saw an opening. I joined him and started talking to him about Econ while trying to talk to Jkim. Peculiarly Jkim acted strange and didn't look at me and walked to class very quickly.

In Econ I went over to Baba's desk so that I could ask for advice. He helped me and when the bell rang for lunch he went with me to look for Jkim. We ended up walking to the parking lot to see if we could intercept him before he left and just when Baba told me he thought that Jkim had probably left I saw him and pointed him out. Baba told me that I could do the next part by myself and left against my protest. I went over to Jkim and started small talk about the game on friday and if he was ready. He was walking really fast to get to a meeting I found out about later out; luckily it wasn't that weird/awkward so I proceeded with my request. I asked him if anyone was wearing his jersey and he told me that his sister was and when I said "Ohhhh ok" he quickly apologized and said that he would give me his jersey for senior night if I wanted to come. ^_^ Of course I said yes and we parted ways because I had to go to a LINK meeting and he had to go his football meeting. According to Michael, he walked into his meeting pretty happy so of course that made me happy ehehhe. I can't wait for Senior night and if me wearing Jkim's jersey has any other effects on other players of the team then it'll be a win-win.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lets Make Out

I've been meaning to write this post for a while but I've been holding off because it's definitely personal and I know various friends read my blog. But the whole point of my blog was to be a creative and emotional outlet, so here goes. All of the events described below occurred various weeks ago.

For swim we had a meet in Burlingame a couple of weekends ago and the team ended up getting food after. In swim and in national group theres this sort of hierarchy and its kind of clique-y. I was feeling sort of "lonely/bored" so I debated whether or not to message S. Lauren and John both encourage me to message him so I did and on the way home form Burlingame S replied. I started out the conversation talking about football since its a topic that he is very familiar with. We ended up talking about college and by this time we had been texting for a couple hours. I was ecstatic because I had thought that the weirdness was finally dissipating and that we actually had a chance at being normal friends. Then out of the blue this happens.
*Read left to right

As you can imagine, I was freaking out badly. Thankfully Catherine and Sandy were awake to help me out with the whole situation. I was so confused and just in a "WTF" state of mind. Honestly I didn't know what to think about this strange request and I didn't actually think that people did things like this. I can't say I'm not flattered but at the same time I was thinking about how "not OK" this was. I wanted to know why he was asking me this. Did he like me? Was he just in it for the physical stuff? Was I just a disposable object that he could use? (I never found the answer to any of these questions) I mean I can/could get over this whole situation and be friends, because that's honestly what I want. I've tried talking to him to rekindle the friendship but his lack of interest is apparent and there's nothing I can really do about that except move on since he evidently has.

It might seem like I'm a big deal out of this by talking about it so much but it's not really anymore. I just feel like its the only interesting thing to talk about. I don't want to talk about college or school because stress has already taken over my life. I guess by talking about boys its a way I can feel like a flippant teenage girl who has nothing to worry about. I think its a defense mechanism or something. I know that all of my interactions with boys are irrelevant and not important and I shouldn't worry about any of it, but its a way for me to avoid doing college apps or homework.

I guess this post should have come before the other to make fully sense of what happened in chronological order. So you can read this and then reread the other if you want. Its your choice.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

SATurday ~ 10.11.14

Between college apps, swimming, school, and studying for standardized testing I haven't been able to blog much, but now that I'm done with the SAT I have some downtime.

So the SAT was today. Surprisingly it was a lot easier than I remember, but I might not want to say anything because I don't want to jinx my score. When I got to the testing center I saw Kelly walking towards my way and I didn't realize that she was taking the SAT too; there were a lot of Leland students at ST today. Ashlyn and Rishi ended up being in the same room as me too which proved very beneficial during the breaks. >:) Before the test started Kelly and I were chatting and for some reason I had a feeling that this would happen, almost like a premonition sort of feeling, S walks into the room. After a brief eye contact moment, I turned away and continued to talk to Kelly.

During the test we got several breaks in between sections and in the first break S bolted out of the room; Kelly, Rishi, Ashlyn and I walked out and just started walking towards the bathrooms because there wasn't anywhere we could go with a 5 minute period. While we walked we discussed the problems to the test and "collaborated". S walked past us back to the room. During the second break, we walked out and S followed behind but left again to go who-knows-where. During the third break, the collab group just stayed outside the classroom talking and S left and came back but was walking awkwardly around and I guess at then I should have included him because he seemed left out without knowing anyone(which is actually not true because he knew both Kelly and Rishi form ASB).

He could have talked with us but we may have seemed exclusive when we circled to collaborate. But I suppose I should have included him asking maybe what he got for certain problems or just overall what he thought of the test. I think what was holding me back was that I didn't want to get into it again; after months of weirdness and just miscommunication and mind games I didn't know if I wanted to go down that road again or if he even wanted to go there. My attempts at friendship were met with what seemed like hostility and indifference. If he didn't want to be friends(despite his words, his actions showed differently) than I guess all I can do is try and respect that. Last week he was in a picture with a girl that he used to date, Brianna; I've never really had a problem with jealousy, but I always had a feeling that Brianna never liked me this was before I even started talking to S and personally I'm not a huge fan of B but she's never done anything bad to me so I can't really say anything. The fact that S was willing to be friends with Brianna and not me kind of hurt. Not in the emotional/cheesy way where my heart feels like its broken(cause tbh I don't even know if I have one anymore) but more mentally like my ego was hurt. He's okay with being friends with her but not me and being second tier isn't the greatest feeling. But I mean he is just a boy.

This turned out to be more of a rambling post, rather than a specific one but eff it ✌.

-SAT was aight'
-S was there, didn't talk to each other
-Background info on S from past couple weeks


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Southeast Asia Vlogs

Made a trailer to a series of vlogs that Im in the middle of creating. Here a bunch of clips from our trip. Looking back and rewatching all of this footage brings back so many memories from this summer. The coconut clip gets to me the most; brings on the feels. Enjoy!


Saturday, September 6, 2014


Ever since school started I've been really into more R&B type music. My playlist for the past few weeks has consisted of The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber. Ariana's new album is so different from her previous bubblegum princess pop album. "My Everything" has definitely a more R&B channeled vibe. The Weeknd is pure gold, you can only listen to his music understand. Although his lyrics can be somewhat vulgar his voice manages to make everything sound divine. I also have to admit that some of JB's songs from his most recent album, "Journals", are pretty good.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Senior Year

The 2014-2015 school year has began. Last week was the first week of school and thus began the beginning of block scheduling. As of now I am currently in my TA period class(AP Spanish) writing this. So far one of the good things about block scheduling is that I have a bit more free time during the school day especially with my TA period and Tutorial(free period). We also have A/B days (1,3,5 / 2,4,6); I can't wait until journalism gets going so then I can just sign in and leave during lunch.

2014-15 Schedule:
Period 1 - AP Statistics
Period 2 - English Honors
Period 3 - APES
Period 4 - AP Econ
Period 5 - TA AP Spanish
Period 6 - Journalism

Surprisingly I have pretty good teachers this year. The word "good" is conditional; meaning my teachers are either chill or easy or both. This would usually mean I would have a lax year, but since its senior year this first semester is going to be extremely hectic and busy. My main focuses this semester are school, college apps, and swimming. I already promised myself that I wouldn't go out with friends so that I could keep swimming. My parents had wanted me to quit but its the only stress reliever I have and sacrificing hanging out with my friends outside of school is a small price to pay.

I have so much to do that I will most likely not have much time to blog the first semester unless I have free time during the day, such as today. I do have my Southeast Asia vlogs that I will be uploading once I finish editing, which may take some time as I have the holly trinity to focus on, but I will try to get one of them up over labor day weekend. Ciao!


Monday, June 16, 2014

Roseville Training Trip // Summer Sanders Invitational

First week of summer and I've already succumbed to the black hole that is swimming. QSS went on a training trip to Roseville that included a swim meet. with morning and afternoon practices the trip was extremely tiring but lots of fun. I made a short video with a series of clips from the trip.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rose Garden Graduation

Strapless Dress: Abercrombie & Fitch
Wedges: Kohl's

Congratulations to the Class of 2014! My strapless dress was casual, yet formal enough for a graduation. The rose garden was an extremely beautiful venue perfect for taking pictures. After about an hour of being lost in the masses of people I eventually found seniors that I wanted to take pictures with. Also I like my hair in this picture.

Candid ✌


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Swim Banquet

Crop Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Cardigan: Papaya
Sandals: Papaya

Just a little outfit I threw together for this years swim banquet. Surprisingly everything that I wore was only from 2 stores. PC: to Carol


Monday, April 14, 2014

Prom // 100th post

The day has finally come! This will be my 100th post since the beginning of this blog. Coincidentally, it coincides with the weekend of junior prom. Saturday, April 12, 2014 was Junior Prom. To be honest, I did not find it as much fun as I thought it was going to be. At around 3pm I started getting ready, with a shower and then nails. Doing my nails took time, because I didn't want to mess them up and then have to redo them, by the time they dried and I wanted to start my hair it was 3:50pm. The group that I went with was supposed to meet up at Ally's house at 4:45pm for pictures. Of course by the time it was 4:15 I had curled exactly 4 strands of my hair(my hair is kind of thick) and had no make up done. My mother frantically trying to get me to hurry by telling me to plug in the flat iron to do curls(which did nothing because my hair wouldn't work with it. So she rushed me out of the house and drove me to my aunt's salon. There, my aunt started working on my hair right away while 2 other of the workers did my makeup and fixed my nails; I felt like quite the movie star.

After getting ready we rushed over to Ally's house for some quick pictures before heading off to dinner at Bella Mia's. On the way there, I was in Blake's car with Sydney and Nate and Lia were following behind us. Before we got onto 85 Nate rear ended us! I think it was because he was too busy talking with Lia. Luckily the car was fine and it was only the license plate cover that was a little scratched. When we got to the restaurant, we all ate our food and kind of just waited for 8pm.

I did not have a very good time at the restaurant. Everyone had dates and another girl and I were the only singles. It wasn't so much that I didn't have a date that upset, but I was just tired of the people and I didn't feel like talking much. After dinner we went out to the parking lot; I saw a vespa and of crouse I had to take a picture with it c: (Sydney and Syona were worried the owner was going to come out). As we were leaving we were freaking out because we thought the gate was going to come back down on top of us and we couldn't get out because a train was in front of us. Blake started driving with out his seatbelt and with the brake on; it was hilarious. Then we headed to the dance.
The venue was pretty nice with a nice balcony and photo booth. There I danced for about 85% of the time I would say, but at times I would find myself dancing straight faced and other times I just went crazy so I wouldn't have to feel anything. It was hard for me to find people that would dance crazily with me, because everyone kept getting tired so I jumped around a lot to different people. I also couldn't help but think about 2 people I wished that had gone, because I knew that they would have danced with me. After the dance ended we all went to coat check so grab our stuff and took pictures with friends(high definition ones are from Barbara).

After the dance we all went for some late night yogurt at yogurtland where we saw Sujin and Jessica and Chris and Aaron in the parking lot. We all just kind of sat there eating our yogurt in silence because we were tired. It reminded me of Avengers at the end of the movie were they all went to go eat Shawarma. In all it wasn't too bad of a night; if I could go back in time to decide whether I would go or night, I would probably still go. It was a decent way to start off Spring Break.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weekly Crush //

First favorite of the week is this remix to Nicki Minaj's 2012 single. The sped up voice makes it sound pretty cool and it is definitely a good song to workout to. After you listen to this version, the original sounds slowed down XD.

So my high school Junior Prom is just around the corner, and when I was at Sandy's house Chris called asking about how a friend of his should ask someone to prom. Of course I went straight to Pinterest, and stumbled across this gem. As an avid Gossip Girl fan, this is quite literally the best thing ever.

I watched(finally) "Eat Pray Love" over the weekend I have to say I really enjoyed it. Its basically about this woman who goes on a journey to find herself after a difficult divorce. She just travels to 3 different countries and focuses on herself. Lately I've been focusing on myself and not other people. I used to always worry and obsess about making other people around me happy, but it started to take a toll on my own happiness. Now I'm carrying myself and "doing me".

So this isn't just strictly this week, but Caroline has always been my favorite character on The Vampire Diaries. I always felt like I could relate to her and her personality. She is a very bubbly person that just has a good heart; this quote really makes me reflect on success and life in general. Caroline is an excellent example of a powerful woman(next to Blair Waldorf of course).


Personally I'm not a big fan of Mr. Adams' music(punk), which he plays everyday in class. Occasionally he'll play a happy song or too, but to characterize his "cynicism" he makes fun of the upbeat songs. Earlier this week he played this song that I actually really liked, that was until her turned it off to talk about the warm-up. The song reminds me a little of Matt Nathanson's "Faster".