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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weekly Crush //

This is pretty accurate about a few aspects of my life and I think that's a reason my I created this blog. I can kind of share my feelings, not with just the nonexistent people that read my blog, but also with myself.


Because it was finals week there was not much homework to do so I ended up watching the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. There is so much controversy about the show and how people start to feel ugly or fat, but I think that people should take a different perspective. That perspective essentially says that you feel threatened and paranoid that someone is attacking you, yet no one is but yourself. The models were beautiful and they had very nice bodies, so I thought to myself that I should get into shape. So I did tons of ab work exercises. If you need motivation to workout just watch the VS Fashion Shows.


This goes back to #2. A Great Big World was a performer at the fashion show; the song surprisingly sounded alright with its whole happy and vibrant atmosphere. This song is pretty sad and sweet and just charismatic. If anyone wants to practicing crying this song will do the trick.

Erin Heatherton
Karlie Kloss

Both of these gorgeous women are Victoria Secret models. To be honest when I first say Karlie Kloss I thought her name was pretty awesome, but she looks so cute to me, like a little kid cute; I think its the short hair. Upon seeing Erin Heatherton I thought that she looked very similar to a girl that graduated from my school; of course Erin is thinner and has that model smile. I think that these two are my favorite of all of the Victoria Secret Angels.

Since it's WINTER BREAK I have a bunch of time, which means TV SHOW BINGE WATCHING. So this show Revenge is really awesome, its all about revenge and manipulation and of course those are the two of my favorite nouns; the plot is also different than a lot of other shows, well I haven't exactly seen many other soap operas this show is really good. I strangely love Emily VanCamp's speech pattern as Emily Thorne. Revenge is like a more elaborate, politer/frostier version of Mean Girls.


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