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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Shoutout // Sujin Jeong

+Sujin Jeong  wanted one so I thought "sure, why not?" I met Sujin when I was a freshman in Mrs. Sarkar's Bio Honors class. That class definitely made me rethink biology as any kind of future path. We suffered in that class with Anuja and Joseph; all four of us were at the same table all year and we bonded over Sarkar's pop quizzes, detailed lab reports, and field trip scavenger hunts. Sujin was someone that I thought was incredibly intelligent and talented, not only academically, but socially in addition to Speech & debate and martial arts. I think that we specifically bonded over video chats that we would have to study for bio tests/quizzes, I think that sometimes they helped, but a lot of the time we had technical difficulties or we would just got off topic.
One distinct memory I had was when Sujin came over to my house and we ended up watching Mean Girls, baking brownies, and sorting clothing. It was a lot of fun and one of the better days during freshman year.

Sujin is an amazing person overall and I can always learn something new from her, from coaching me in Duo to teaching me songs for Bio. You should definitely check her out on Instagram: @Sujinah

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