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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekly Crush //


A while ago, I saw a comic on Pinterest that I thought was really funny. I never found out who created them until now I found that someone retweeted a comic with a similar style. The artist also drew JANET DEVLIN ALSDKFJA;SLDKFJA;SLDKFJA;SLDKJF I love Janet and her music. Sarah Andersen, the artist, has tons of other hilarious comics that relate to so many teenagers in our generation today.


Timeflies has something called Timeflies Tuesdays where they post a video of a cover on Tuesdays. They recently uploaded an acoustic-ish version to their own song. The song is explicit, but I really like what the song's message is.


I've always loved the spider eyelash effect. I mean, clear eyelashes without clumps are nice too, but there's something that I find fascinating about spider eyelashes.

Ever since Ariel and Peter Pan came out, I always wanted to be a mermaid. This mermaid looks gorgeous which is silly because it's only a cartoon, but how awesome would it be if you could breathe underwater and communicate with aquatic animals and not to mention, your hair would always be so flowy. ♥

Leighton has always been my fav. Always. And she always will be; she's gorgeous and is so down to earth. Earlier this week, it has been confirmed that Leighton is engaged to Adam Brody who has starred on The O.C. I need to watch it so I can see if I approve of Adam, but I'm so excited for her! Congratulations Leighton!