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Friday, November 8, 2013

Retro School Girl

Jacket: Gap
Skirt: Material Girl // Macy's
Shoes: Easy Spirit

Now that I look back on my outfit, what I wore was a little bit strange, but I like it. I think that self-confidence is extremely important. Not to push confidence and gushy emotions onto you, but I really believe that we shouldn't judge each other on looks or what we wear, but what makes us happy. What I wore got many compliments, but I guess I was just happy that I wore what I liked. I guess this is wear self-expression really comes from, people have fashion, art, writing and I have my blog. ^_^ Also shoutout to Ankita Ramakrishnan for being my photographer for the day while Carol was in the S/D meeting.

Just a candid, that I actually really liked
I like my face in this one as well ^_^