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Friday, November 8, 2013

Joint Birthdays

Its Friday. YAY. I really excited because this weekend is a 3-day weekend and I don't have school on Monday! On Saturday, I am having a joint birthday party/get-together with some of my family and friends. Mykayla, Sandy's 8-year old cousin, is having a party with mine. When my mom called my "aunt" she was at Restaurant Depot, a warehouse store for food. Since she was there, my mom decided she get some grocery shopping done for my party. To my delight my mother bought lots a fish so we're having SASHIMI. Sushi/Sashimi is by far, one of my favorite foods. When my mom and my aunt were chatting my mother found out that it was Mykayla's birthday as well and so we decided to have a joint party. Once my mom contacted Sandy's aunt, Aunty Tiffany, Aunty Tiffany realized that Justin birthday was the day after Mykayla's. As of now, I am not sure if Justin will be going my party or having a separate one. Since Justin recently moved into a new house, they recently finished renovating their pool and I have a feeling that Aunty May(Justin's mom) wants to show it off. Anyway I just found out that Lia is a fan of sashimi and sushi. Since she's been a family friend of Ally I thought they would be similar, stereotypical white girl that would hate raw fish. So I now I can't really grasp the concept that she likes sashimi.

I stopped writing there, because my friend(who shall not be named) came by so I couldn't really type. When I asked her what I should title my most recent outfit she asked why I needed a title, I didn't really reply, because I didn't want to tell her about my blog because I didn't really want other people that I know seeing inside my brain. Then after this is what she said "Don't tell me it's for some Outfit of the Day crap." Clearly I didn't want to tell her about my blog after she basically indirectly trashed it. I have to go clean now. My only motivation to clean is when people come over.