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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Benefits of Being a Wallflower

Coach Andre tries to get me to participate more with the team, but I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place, because when you're the slowest one in the group, you can't really say much. Last Thursday, to "celebrate" Halloween we did relays. The usual captains and the choosing of the teammates commenced. I of course was the last person to be picked. There was actually one other person but Andre chose which relay she would be on and let me choose which relay I wanted to be on. That leaves me in a predicament, I didn't want to burden someone else's team by being on their relay. Luckily, Lauren Akin was kind enough to repeatedly call my name to get my attention. Honestly its just simple things like that, that make me feel better about my teammates.

I know I'm the wallflower, and I'm pretty sure Andre knows too, but I'm okay with it. No expectations, no drama, but of course I have my ever so faithful friends Angela Huang and Natalie Soive(I love her last name). I'm writing this post right outside the pool because my father has not come to pick me up yet, so I'm sitting here all alone. But I like it, I don't have to talk with anyone else or deal with anyone's bullcrap. Parents walking by to pick up their kids probably think I'm the "typical" teenager, always glued to my phone. Little do they know. It's times like these where I wish I could advertise and tell people about my blog, but then people I know would be able to see what I write. To be honest, I regret telling people about my blog, because now I don't have a truthful outlet for me to express myself and my emotions. Cheesy as that sounds, its true.