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Friday, October 18, 2013

Who needs Homecoming?

So, this is kind of late because homecoming was last week I believe but I actually did not end up going as you can tell from the title. I was actually invited to go to my friend's homecoming, which by the way was only $16!!! Ours was $30-$40 I believe. I was going to go, but I decided not to, because she ended up getting a date and I also got the feeling that she didn't want me there/didn't want to crash their dance. So instead Sydney and Carol and I went mini golfing.

To be honest, I didn't exactly enjoy it, not because I didn't win(I got the most hole-in-ones) but because golf just isn't my thing I suppose. I would have rather much gone to the movies or had a sleepover,  something more fun. But we ended up doing golf because Sydney liked it and you know whatever makes her happy.

Anywho, after golf Carol and I ended up going to dinner with Sydney and her family. It was cool and we ended up going to Chili's and lulz we all ordered the same thing. The food was really good, but we couldn't finish and now I'm craving fries. After that we all went home.

It was kind of funny, because after I told Sandy about minigolf this was her reaction:

I have to say it was quite hilarious.

LOL, its hilarious, but I guess I'll just have to go to the next dance.