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Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Crush //


I actually have a really bad obsession with this song; Ariana Grande is absolutely amazing and her voice is phenomenal. This song is a must listen to.


I recently started watching the new fall show and so far its pretty good. Alice is badass.


Sophie Lowe plays the iconic Alice in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. She is so pretty and I love her nose; that might be a weird observation, but I have really high standards especially of noses.

On Friday when I was supposed to be sleeping getting ready for FRN(oops) my family and I ended up watching some movies. At first I did not want to watch White House Down, but after we finished I was so glad that we did, I was tweeting during the movie so haha yea, but omg when Jamie Foxx puts his glasses on before he shoots someone was absolutely comical.


This quote>>>>

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