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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekly Crush //


This illustration is so adorable. Its actually making me excited for fall; I'm usually not into fall because I don't really know what to wear. In the mornings its quite chilly, but by the afternoon its hot so it makes putting clothing on difficult.


I was actually watching a YouTube video when I heard this song. Before the actual video a commercial for Johnston & Murphy came up with this song in the background and I instantly loved it. So of course I proceeded by typing in the lyrics I heard into Google to find the name of the song. But for some reason Google couldn't find i;. I literally searched for 30 minutes typing in every single lyric. Finally I went to the company's website and I found the link to the video which provided a itunes link to the album from which the song was taken from. I'm actually surprised I've never heard this song its wonderful.
So I have actually been in love with Janet Devlin since the X-Factor and I really want her to come to the U.S. for a concert. She then opened her online store with merchandise and I absolutely love it; the shirt is so cute and definitely represents Janet. I would definitely get that shirt if I wasn't broke :,(

Let me just start by saying Stephen Amell is quite fine(Charissa knows what I'm talking about). He stars in the CW TV show Arrow and it is absolutely amazing; filled with thrill, action, and romance. I highly suggest checking it out. ♥


Omg they are too funny this video is Amell-erific. I literally LOL'd XD