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Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Why didn't you tell me?"

There are always those people that have birthdays during the summer, and I always felt a little bad, because everyone is on break and people might not be around to celebrate those people's birthdays. Same goes for people with birthdays during school breaks. Well, now I am one of them. Ever since the school district has created this fall break, the week my birthday is on, I have become one of those people.

I know it might sound cynical, but hear me out. I've always wanted to be one of those people that go around school carrying food and balloons and gifts. Not because of all of the things and presents, but because it gives you the feeling that your friends and people around you care enough to make you a brownie for your birthday. But since my birthday is on the break, I don't really expect anyone to remember(except the whole of 2 people that read my blog).

It's a little awkward, because the day of your birthday if 1 person happened to remember, everyone all day discovers its your birthday and a measly few exclaim, "Why didn't you tell me?!?" But the thing is you can't come right out and tell people the day before that your birthday is coming up, because you basically imply that they should get you something. For me I don't really want the gifts; I want to just know that my "friends" actually care enough to remember, but in our technological age the only way people remember birthdays is through Facebook. Any who, I don't expect really anyone to bring me anything(not that I'm wanting anything), except Sydney and the lovely Sandy has already interrogated me about what gift to get me.

I mean, I guess all I really want is a card. When people ask you what you want for your birthday and you can't exactly tell people,  because it makes you look greedy; this whole birthday thing is so awkward. I've often thought about exchanging wishlists with my friends but the thing is, part of gifts that is so exciting is that you don't know what they got you. If you already know, then it isn't very fun, because it makes you feel good, when your friends get you something you've always wanted, because they know you so well. But yea with birthdays come awkward situations.