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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

VW Bug

After school today Carol and I walked to CVS because she wanted to buy chocolate and Neosporin(What a weirdo, jk Carol ;). Anyway, when we were walking there I was ranting to her about how its so degrading how the CVS workers make you take your backpack when you walk in. Seriously its not like we're going to jack all of your stuff. What buttholess. But I digress  when we left we saw my dream car! But a different color, like a light blue color that black matte just doesn't really work for me. Seriously, if someone gets that car for me I will literally fall over and die.

I want a 1970s VW Bug
There are 2 cars that I want; 1 more reasonable, the other not so much.
1) 1970s VW Bug

2) Carrera Porsche