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Monday, September 23, 2013

Sushi with Fries

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day, but I'm exhausted now(I skipped practice ehehehe). Saturday evening my mom decided(very late I might add) that on Sunday we would be going to Great America.

Some picturess for you. We went on I believe 7 rides total. It was very fun and really nice since I had not been on a roller coaster since Freshman year. Turns out that on that day, the band IM5 was there but we missed them! I was so sad, but I figured with my bad timing it was typical. After Great America we left at around 1 for lunch since we got kind of bored and the amusement park food is super expensive. We went to a restaurant called the Milpitas Buffet. I have to say the food was very good. There was a wide variety of dishes from fries, to Chinese cuisine, to sushi, to Korean barbecue. I was extremely happy because the food was delicious and I got my french fry and sushi fix.

After lunch my family and I went to a salon that my mom's friend works at to get our hair cut.


I don't know if you can see a difference, but I got my hair re-layered and cut about 2 inches off. While the rest of my family was waiting for my mom to finish getting her hair done, we went to get some coffee. We went to a near by Peet's Tea & Coffee because my dad wanted to buy some tea. While we were there I decided to get a drink. Since this was my first time at Peet's I was not sure how to really order. I saw on the menu they had a drink called a "freddo" which is an Italian frozen drink. When I asked the barista if it was equivalent to a Starbucks frappuccino she hilariously told me that they weren't allowed to compare the two, but she stressed that it was a drink blended with ice. I ordered the Dark Chocolate Mocha Freddo and it was delicious!

After we got our drinks we picked up my mom and went home. By this time I was exhausted and ready to hit the sack, but of course I had to do homework. I had to study for 3 tests and finish a history project that took way more time than it should have. By the time I went to bed it was about 11:30. Typical.