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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Yesterday after school my 2 sisters and my mom and I went to the mall to get my sister's, Charlize's, ears pierced. My sister went to get her ears pierced at Claire's and when we first walked into the store, the employee already looked unhappy to be there. We proceeded with the piercing procedure, however when the employee dotted my sister's ears my mom thought they were too low. The employee, named Andrea, retorted back saying that she had been piercing for 2 years and that she knew what it was SUPPOSED to be, but that we had the choice. She exclaimed that it wouldn't be in the right place and that it wouldn't look right. When my mom said that she did not want to pierce my sisters ears anymore, she rudely stated that we would have to pay for the earrings since they were open; due to this we continued with piercing my sister's ears. Throughout ALL of this, Andrea never smiled, not once. I can say that this Claire's store has lost a whole family of customers and that these employees should really reconsider their position in customer service if they are going to act this rudely. Sorry about my whole spiel on that but it was a very irritating situation. On the bright side I got to do a little bit of quick shopping.

There is this phone app, Wrapp, that is connected with Facebook that allows you to send giftcards to people. A special promotion they had was you could send a $10 H&M giftcard to other people; after sending some I received 1 back. So when we went to the mall, it was the perfect opportunity to spend it before the giftcard expired. With my giftcard I got a sheer maxi skirt for only $5(originally $15) and my sister used her giftcard to get a crop top sweater for $2(originally $12). Yup extreme coupon-er here(LOL not really), but I do try to never buying anything that is full-priced. Anyway, I should probably get back to doing homework. #ForeverSlavingOverHomework