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Friday, September 6, 2013


So today was Friday, and I'm feeling kind of controversial about all of the events that happened today. In English, we started talking about rhetorical appeals/strategies blah blah English stuff but it was about Miley Cyrus' VMA performance which was pretty interesting; it definitely got everyone a little eager to participate since it was about more contemporary current events. After that, yaddi yaddi ya, fast forward to lunch. Sonia and Carol and I were working on a poster for Club Day at school which is on 9/11/13.

Come join the Art Club!
After lunch, Sonia and I went to Spanish. We got to class and started doing the usual everyday work. Once we got into little groups, we started discussing the work. All of a sudden the teacher called me and this other girl in my group, Sadelle, she's a sweetheart. And I new what was gonna happen, she was gonna bust me for my tank top, but I didn't think too much about it; I just thought that she was going to just warn us about our clothing. But with my luck; of course, she just suddenly gave us Saturday School Slips and told us that she would see us when we came back to class(we were supposed to go to the attendance office). OK honestly, my tank top was not 2 inches, but this was the first time she had ever talked to be about my clothing; she's given other people in our class warnings and they were much more "revealing" clothing than I did today. It was so humiliating and unfair. I had never gotten a Saturday School and I thought it was completely impartial, because the other girl that wears more reaveling clothing gets As so that's probably why she didn't get Saturday school. UGH. I just hope my parents don't freak out. One of my friends, Alexis, told me that I should get my parents to call the office saying that I did not receive a warning and that it was unfair. I don't know if that'll work, but I guess I might try it. Sydney and I had planned to go to Yogurtland afterschool to celebrate the weekend, because Facebook had this 5oz free coupon. Of course after the whole clothing thing, I didn't really wanna go, but I decided I would make an effort. So we went, and I got my yogurt with mochi. <3

Left: Sydney's yogurt       Right: My yogurt
Now I am here and I just wanna fall asleep and forget about today. Getting some inside advice about my situation from an expert. Thank god its Friday -_-