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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Every 60 seconds

Today was pretty surreal. It started like every other day; boring and me being tired and sniffle-y since I got a bit of a cold over the weekend. It was club day and its was success!

Got 50+ members!
It was definitely amazing; I didn't think that we would get this many members and I'm super ecstatic for the oncoming year. After lunch was the usual, Spanish and I'm done with school for the day; we had a sub today in class so there was no tension in the room like there usually is and everyone was speaking english(we're supposed to only speak spanish). After school I called my mom and told her I wouldn't be going to swim practice, because my cold was making it hard for me to breathe and I was sniffling all day and I was getting a slight sinus headache. So I hung out until my friend(who shall not be named) got out of 6th period to drive me home.

After the bell rang we both walked to her car and got in; there was tons of traffic like there usually is and traffic was backed up the whole street. My friend(lets call her Mindy), Mindy was driving up the street; she merged onto the left lane, by this plaza, to get ready to turn onto the expressway. Then out of no where this car comes out from in between the huge line of cars to our right and collides into Mindy's car. It was absolutely surreal, it doesn't even feel like it happened, but I remember my glasses flying off and my screaming filling the car. Thankfully Mindy slammed on the breaks so quickly otherwise the collision could have had a bigger impact. My heart was throbbing and my body was shaking, but to be honest if I had gotten in a car crash with anyone I'm glad it was Mindy. She handles these situations so well. Anyway after we drove into the plaza, Mindy and the other lady exchanged info; Mindy's mom and dad came(her dad's a cop) and helped her out. There were some pretty big dents in Mindy's car and her lights were broke. After all that happened, Mindy drove me home.

I told my parents who were actually pretty cool with it. I was totally expecting them to tell me that I couldn't get in the car with her anymore, but I had explained that it wasn't Mindy's fault but the other lady's fault, even though people say its technically both drivers at fault since they should be aware and cautious. So now I'm sitting here writing while trying to breathe out of one nostril. ugh I can't wait until this cold is gone. So I guess the moral of the story is that:
1) You should always join Art Club
2) Make sure you're constantly looking for people that could crash into you when you're driving