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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Busy Days

Thursdays are my busy days. After school I go to swim from 3-6 then from 7-8 I teach 4th graders how to play the flute at my old elementary school. Practice was brutal, as it always is(I'm so out of shape) and embarrassing. Near the end of practice we did a quick pulling relay with paddles and buoys. 

The buoys go in between your legs to keep you afloat and the paddles go on your hand to catch more water. In practice we did a catch up relay, which means there are teams that swim against each other until 1 team catches up to the other. So everyone on the relay would swim a 25 and then hand the buoy off; I don't know if any of you have tried doing that but putting a floating device under you without being able to grip it is very difficult. It took me almost a whole minute to get mine in between my legs! Everyone on my relay started yelling at me, it was pretty embarrassing.

After practice, my mom picked me up and we went home to quickly eat dinner and leave for band. I was teaching alongside another girl who was still in middle school. Now, our class consisted of 5 students. They all liked to talk, but there was one girl who would not stop disrupting the class; I don't usually like to yell or scold children because it makes me feel uneasy, but i had to repeatedly talk to this girl. She didn't even seem motivated to learn to play the flute and I was wondering why she signed up for band in the first place. In each room there has to be an adult adviser who just sits in the room to watch the class; our adviser was a parent of one of the girls in my class which made it a little bit awkward to teach. But in the end he turned out to be an alright chaperone because during the class he would tell the girls to be quiet and to listen to us(Emily the other teacher & me).

After band, I went home and proceeded with doing homework. On Friday I had to turn in a rhetoric english project that consisted of an advertisement and a 2+ page analysis. With the help of Carol(Thanks Carol!) I managed to finish the advertisement and my analysis in a timely fashion. After that project I had to finish my history homework, physics problems, prepare my spanish presentation, and study for a calc test. By the time I went to bed it was 1:00 am. Thursdays are definitely going to be my dreaded days of the week.