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Friday, September 20, 2013

Bs'ing in Spanish

Upon waking up this morning, I was exhausted. Staying up until 1:00 am to finish homework, study for tests and memorize presentations. The day was usual, in 2nd period Heer and I were freaking out about math and since Mr. Adams wasn't here and we had a sub we we're basically yelling and screaming and studying all at the same time(I was over exhausted). Props to Adam for putting up with our craziness the whole time. After history we walked to math together and took our test, I hope I at least got a B. I really need to bring my math grade up ASAP.

After math, I went to physics and just finished up some work getting ready for a test on Monday and then after I went to lunch. There was a NHS(National Honors Society) meeting that I attended. I was a little skeptical at first, because freshman year I had joined a club very similar to NHS called CSF(California Scholarship Federation). Both sound very impressive but are really just community service clubs where you get sashes and possibly some scholarship money for college I believe(not completely sure on the club yet). Anyway I liked NHS a lot better, because they give you a certain amount of hours, 96, to complete all of the years you are in the club. Whereas CSF required a minimum of 10 hours per semester(these hours had to be through the club only). I'm actually really excited for the club and I can't wait to start(or maybe I just want the sash LOL).

After lunch I have Spanish. In class we were supposed to be presenting something called "Naciones Unidas Hispanas" where each person is assigned a spanish-speaking country and you have to research the topic assigned and present the facts for your country. We were assigned to present topics talked about in our packet.

The instructions basically state to find information on the internet about some different ethnic groups of your country(for me it was Venezuela). Investigate their origins, their customs and the place they occupy in society today. As we walk into class we're all ready to present; everyone's memorized their spiels on culture and the different groups.Everyone sits down at their assigned seats and waits for our teacher to begin. She reminded us of the things we were supposed to present which included the different ethnic groups and the perspective of education and how it affected them. whoa whoa wait, education? Everyone in the room exchanged strange looks because we were NOT assigned to talk about EDUCATION. It said that no where in the instructions. During this time, I started freaking out a little bit. I spent 15 minutes last night preparing and memorizing my presentation on the culture of these 2 ethnic groups, NOT HOW THEY VIEWED EDUCATION! Usually during presentations, there are always the few people who always volunteer, but after she "reminded" us of the requirements no one raised their hands. Eventually Stacy raised her hand and started talking about her country and ethnic groups and education. During her presentation I'm thinking, "WTF! HOW DID STACY KNOW ABOUT THE EDUCATION PART?!? MS. ___ NEVER TOLD US ABOUT THAT" So I'm freaking out but then I think, well I have to do something. So as other people presented their countries I was listening to what they said and formed a general conclusion for my country.

Luckily I researched about a indigenous group and the african venezuelans. Using my deductive reasoning skills, I made up some information about the indigenous people and the african venezuelans and their perspective on education. After everyone presented we went to the book depository to pick up our new spanish books; while we were walking there everyone was talking about how she had never told us about the education part of the presentation. I have to say though, everyone did an amazing job BS'ing.