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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Awkward Waiter Moment

Thank god its Labor Day weekend; I do not want to go to school on Monday. Today was pretty hectic, surprisingly when I woke up this morning I did homework so I actually don't have too much to do tomorrow. Yay for not procrastinating! So after doing some homework, the fam and I went to Costco eat lunch and upgrade our phones. Let me just say props to the Costco guy for putting up with my mom(I tweeted it)
My mom literally wore down the phone kiosk guy; I think we spent over 2 hours there and she asked him about 50+ questions. I kind of felt bad for him, but he was pretty chill and nice even though I could kind of tell he was getting annoyed. So we came to upgrade our phones. My phone history is long, but to keep it short I had the HTC Sensation 4g, but at swim practice someone went through my bag and stole it.
Then as a replacement I had to take an old phone we had lying around the house, the ancient Nexus 1. I've had this phone for a couple months waiting for the 2-year contract to end and today we upgraded! So I had the choice between the Samsung Galaxy s4 or the HTC One. I ended up choosing the s4 because of all the hype and its cool features, but I'm wondering if I should exchange it(I have 14 days to choose). Anyway after upgrading we went to Yogurtland to get frozen yogurt. I found a Facebook offer that gives you the first 5 oz of yogurt for free; so my yogurt ended up being $00.76. OH YEA! EXTREME COUPONING. After yogurt I went home, showered, and got ready for dinner.

My friends and I went out to Buca for dinner and it was actually a lot of fun. My friend, Sydney, won a $50 gift card to Buca di Bepo at my high school's Bridge Night(an Asian get-together to raise money for our school). Sydney and Ally were the only 2 white people there; it was great. So we used her giftcard to pay, but at the beginning of the night, we had been seated and the waiter came and left in a hurry; he didn't even ask us if we wanted any drinks. Anyway, another waiter lady came up and asked if we had been helped and we had said no, because our other waiter never came back. The lady looked pretty flustered and said that we would be allowed to pick any salad or appetizer on the house, of course my friends and I got excited 'cuz I mean free food. Our waiter and the lady came back and asked us if we had been introduced and we said we had and then the lady seemed kind of rude about it. It made the whole situation feel very awkward and we hadn't really been helped, and in the end we didn't get the free appetizer :(. I feel like they should have brushed it off though. The rest of the night our waiter barely came to us and helped us. Dinner was alright, it was wasn't great, Buca isn't usually one of my top go-to restaurants, but we had the giftcard so it was cool.

Our penne pasta looked kind of weird...... They could have chopped up the sausage and mixed it in the pasta

Lia and Ally are so cute

Selfies for dayzzz