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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Change for Cambodia Benefit Dinner Extras

I had some extra footage from the Change for Cambodia Benefit Dinner. Enjoy!

Voy a estar en vacación

Hey guys! So I'm going on vacation, thanks to our district's newly established fall break. And guess where I'm going? MEXICO! I will actually be on a cruise, so I will be un-plugged, that is until we stop on land. But you can come along with me! I will be vlogging our trip so you can experience it too. So I will see you when I get back.
My YouTube channel C:

(^allusion to my fav TV show)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekly Crush //

Earlier this week I got to try Peet's Coffee & Tea and I have to say that it was amazing! I love the Dark Chocolate Mocha Freddo, it was sweet, with a ting of coffee. I highly suggest you try Peet's, I feel like more sophisticated people go to Peet's, while Starbucks is for 15 year olds who take pictures of their frappuccinos. I must say I'm not a big fan of coffee, but the freddos at Peet's are magnifique.


The Voice season premiere was on Monday and I actually did not watch the show. My family was and I heard a really good voice singing and when I went out it was Caroline Pennell. I've always loved that whisper-y soft sound like Florence Welch and Ellie Goulding. She was so amazing and this cover of Anything Could Happen was majestical.


This video is actually really cool and I wish that my school was coordinated or even spirited enough to do something like this.


HAHAHAH New Girl is hilarious. The New Girl season premiere was this tuesday and it was an excellent episode. Winston just found out he is colorblind.


I've really been into drinking tea lately and I feel like this phrase is so true. Some people believe that you shouldn't drink tea before you go to bed, because of the caffeine in it, but for me drinking tea is so relaxing and actually helps me calm down and relax a little; I'm actually drinking some tea right now C:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Why didn't you tell me?"

There are always those people that have birthdays during the summer, and I always felt a little bad, because everyone is on break and people might not be around to celebrate those people's birthdays. Same goes for people with birthdays during school breaks. Well, now I am one of them. Ever since the school district has created this fall break, the week my birthday is on, I have become one of those people.

I know it might sound cynical, but hear me out. I've always wanted to be one of those people that go around school carrying food and balloons and gifts. Not because of all of the things and presents, but because it gives you the feeling that your friends and people around you care enough to make you a brownie for your birthday. But since my birthday is on the break, I don't really expect anyone to remember(except the whole of 2 people that read my blog).

It's a little awkward, because the day of your birthday if 1 person happened to remember, everyone all day discovers its your birthday and a measly few exclaim, "Why didn't you tell me?!?" But the thing is you can't come right out and tell people the day before that your birthday is coming up, because you basically imply that they should get you something. For me I don't really want the gifts; I want to just know that my "friends" actually care enough to remember, but in our technological age the only way people remember birthdays is through Facebook. Any who, I don't expect really anyone to bring me anything(not that I'm wanting anything), except Sydney and the lovely Sandy has already interrogated me about what gift to get me.

I mean, I guess all I really want is a card. When people ask you what you want for your birthday and you can't exactly tell people,  because it makes you look greedy; this whole birthday thing is so awkward. I've often thought about exchanging wishlists with my friends but the thing is, part of gifts that is so exciting is that you don't know what they got you. If you already know, then it isn't very fun, because it makes you feel good, when your friends get you something you've always wanted, because they know you so well. But yea with birthdays come awkward situations. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sushi with Fries

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day, but I'm exhausted now(I skipped practice ehehehe). Saturday evening my mom decided(very late I might add) that on Sunday we would be going to Great America.

Some picturess for you. We went on I believe 7 rides total. It was very fun and really nice since I had not been on a roller coaster since Freshman year. Turns out that on that day, the band IM5 was there but we missed them! I was so sad, but I figured with my bad timing it was typical. After Great America we left at around 1 for lunch since we got kind of bored and the amusement park food is super expensive. We went to a restaurant called the Milpitas Buffet. I have to say the food was very good. There was a wide variety of dishes from fries, to Chinese cuisine, to sushi, to Korean barbecue. I was extremely happy because the food was delicious and I got my french fry and sushi fix.

After lunch my family and I went to a salon that my mom's friend works at to get our hair cut.


I don't know if you can see a difference, but I got my hair re-layered and cut about 2 inches off. While the rest of my family was waiting for my mom to finish getting her hair done, we went to get some coffee. We went to a near by Peet's Tea & Coffee because my dad wanted to buy some tea. While we were there I decided to get a drink. Since this was my first time at Peet's I was not sure how to really order. I saw on the menu they had a drink called a "freddo" which is an Italian frozen drink. When I asked the barista if it was equivalent to a Starbucks frappuccino she hilariously told me that they weren't allowed to compare the two, but she stressed that it was a drink blended with ice. I ordered the Dark Chocolate Mocha Freddo and it was delicious!

After we got our drinks we picked up my mom and went home. By this time I was exhausted and ready to hit the sack, but of course I had to do homework. I had to study for 3 tests and finish a history project that took way more time than it should have. By the time I went to bed it was about 11:30. Typical.

Mixtape // !?#¿

oh wonder
love club // lorde
little games // the colourist
eyes shut // years & years
fluorescent adolescent // arctic monkeys
silly boy // the blue van
vampire's kiss // john gold
girls like us // naked & famous
pumpin blood // nonono
you could be my girl // shwayze & cisco
ways to go // grouplove
fantasy // alina baraz & galimatias
youth // troye sivan

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekly Crush //

Over the weekend I watched a lot Conan and he's hilarious. He interviews so many awesome actors and famous people and he is just absolutely comical. He is probably my next favorite talk show next to Ellen.

So I'm subscribed to Timeflies on Youtube, because they actually have a Youtube account where they post their own music videos. They add raps to already known songs, but I have to say this remix was especially good. I was really into Royals, a couple weeks ago and their rap to this definitely made the song sound so incredible.


This photograph >>>>

On Friday to celebrate the weekend I watched the movie Beautiful Creatures. I had seen trailers for it and had thought that the movie would be a typical chick flick similar to Twilight, so I was a little skeptical about watching it. Once I started watching though, the film was pretty good. I really enjoyed everyone's southern accents and their behaviors. *DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE* The ending was a little disappointing I must say though, I was hoping for something a little more exciting.

Really into this song, that was from the Gossip Girl Retrospective episode. The lyrics are so nice and relaxing and the song just makes you smile. It's Nice to Be Alive // Ball Park Music. A new mixtape will be out on Monday so stay tuned.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Bs'ing in Spanish

Upon waking up this morning, I was exhausted. Staying up until 1:00 am to finish homework, study for tests and memorize presentations. The day was usual, in 2nd period Heer and I were freaking out about math and since Mr. Adams wasn't here and we had a sub we we're basically yelling and screaming and studying all at the same time(I was over exhausted). Props to Adam for putting up with our craziness the whole time. After history we walked to math together and took our test, I hope I at least got a B. I really need to bring my math grade up ASAP.

After math, I went to physics and just finished up some work getting ready for a test on Monday and then after I went to lunch. There was a NHS(National Honors Society) meeting that I attended. I was a little skeptical at first, because freshman year I had joined a club very similar to NHS called CSF(California Scholarship Federation). Both sound very impressive but are really just community service clubs where you get sashes and possibly some scholarship money for college I believe(not completely sure on the club yet). Anyway I liked NHS a lot better, because they give you a certain amount of hours, 96, to complete all of the years you are in the club. Whereas CSF required a minimum of 10 hours per semester(these hours had to be through the club only). I'm actually really excited for the club and I can't wait to start(or maybe I just want the sash LOL).

After lunch I have Spanish. In class we were supposed to be presenting something called "Naciones Unidas Hispanas" where each person is assigned a spanish-speaking country and you have to research the topic assigned and present the facts for your country. We were assigned to present topics talked about in our packet.

The instructions basically state to find information on the internet about some different ethnic groups of your country(for me it was Venezuela). Investigate their origins, their customs and the place they occupy in society today. As we walk into class we're all ready to present; everyone's memorized their spiels on culture and the different groups.Everyone sits down at their assigned seats and waits for our teacher to begin. She reminded us of the things we were supposed to present which included the different ethnic groups and the perspective of education and how it affected them. whoa whoa wait, education? Everyone in the room exchanged strange looks because we were NOT assigned to talk about EDUCATION. It said that no where in the instructions. During this time, I started freaking out a little bit. I spent 15 minutes last night preparing and memorizing my presentation on the culture of these 2 ethnic groups, NOT HOW THEY VIEWED EDUCATION! Usually during presentations, there are always the few people who always volunteer, but after she "reminded" us of the requirements no one raised their hands. Eventually Stacy raised her hand and started talking about her country and ethnic groups and education. During her presentation I'm thinking, "WTF! HOW DID STACY KNOW ABOUT THE EDUCATION PART?!? MS. ___ NEVER TOLD US ABOUT THAT" So I'm freaking out but then I think, well I have to do something. So as other people presented their countries I was listening to what they said and formed a general conclusion for my country.

Luckily I researched about a indigenous group and the african venezuelans. Using my deductive reasoning skills, I made up some information about the indigenous people and the african venezuelans and their perspective on education. After everyone presented we went to the book depository to pick up our new spanish books; while we were walking there everyone was talking about how she had never told us about the education part of the presentation. I have to say though, everyone did an amazing job BS'ing.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Busy Days

Thursdays are my busy days. After school I go to swim from 3-6 then from 7-8 I teach 4th graders how to play the flute at my old elementary school. Practice was brutal, as it always is(I'm so out of shape) and embarrassing. Near the end of practice we did a quick pulling relay with paddles and buoys. 

The buoys go in between your legs to keep you afloat and the paddles go on your hand to catch more water. In practice we did a catch up relay, which means there are teams that swim against each other until 1 team catches up to the other. So everyone on the relay would swim a 25 and then hand the buoy off; I don't know if any of you have tried doing that but putting a floating device under you without being able to grip it is very difficult. It took me almost a whole minute to get mine in between my legs! Everyone on my relay started yelling at me, it was pretty embarrassing.

After practice, my mom picked me up and we went home to quickly eat dinner and leave for band. I was teaching alongside another girl who was still in middle school. Now, our class consisted of 5 students. They all liked to talk, but there was one girl who would not stop disrupting the class; I don't usually like to yell or scold children because it makes me feel uneasy, but i had to repeatedly talk to this girl. She didn't even seem motivated to learn to play the flute and I was wondering why she signed up for band in the first place. In each room there has to be an adult adviser who just sits in the room to watch the class; our adviser was a parent of one of the girls in my class which made it a little bit awkward to teach. But in the end he turned out to be an alright chaperone because during the class he would tell the girls to be quiet and to listen to us(Emily the other teacher & me).

After band, I went home and proceeded with doing homework. On Friday I had to turn in a rhetoric english project that consisted of an advertisement and a 2+ page analysis. With the help of Carol(Thanks Carol!) I managed to finish the advertisement and my analysis in a timely fashion. After that project I had to finish my history homework, physics problems, prepare my spanish presentation, and study for a calc test. By the time I went to bed it was 1:00 am. Thursdays are definitely going to be my dreaded days of the week.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Yesterday after school my 2 sisters and my mom and I went to the mall to get my sister's, Charlize's, ears pierced. My sister went to get her ears pierced at Claire's and when we first walked into the store, the employee already looked unhappy to be there. We proceeded with the piercing procedure, however when the employee dotted my sister's ears my mom thought they were too low. The employee, named Andrea, retorted back saying that she had been piercing for 2 years and that she knew what it was SUPPOSED to be, but that we had the choice. She exclaimed that it wouldn't be in the right place and that it wouldn't look right. When my mom said that she did not want to pierce my sisters ears anymore, she rudely stated that we would have to pay for the earrings since they were open; due to this we continued with piercing my sister's ears. Throughout ALL of this, Andrea never smiled, not once. I can say that this Claire's store has lost a whole family of customers and that these employees should really reconsider their position in customer service if they are going to act this rudely. Sorry about my whole spiel on that but it was a very irritating situation. On the bright side I got to do a little bit of quick shopping.

There is this phone app, Wrapp, that is connected with Facebook that allows you to send giftcards to people. A special promotion they had was you could send a $10 H&M giftcard to other people; after sending some I received 1 back. So when we went to the mall, it was the perfect opportunity to spend it before the giftcard expired. With my giftcard I got a sheer maxi skirt for only $5(originally $15) and my sister used her giftcard to get a crop top sweater for $2(originally $12). Yup extreme coupon-er here(LOL not really), but I do try to never buying anything that is full-priced. Anyway, I should probably get back to doing homework. #ForeverSlavingOverHomework

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekly Crush //

 So Ellie Goulding has always been one of my top artists and it's actually funny because this song was a complete coincidence. I had seen the trailer for the movie About Time(2013) it looks quite interesting and I kind of want to see it, even though it is a chick flick. When Ellie Goulding uploaded the video for this song, there were clips from the movie in it and I was so appalled. But this song is awesomeeee.

This quote is from The First Time (2012), one of my favorite movies. Dylan O'Brien and Britt Robertson were amazing in this film. I'm literally watching it right now and this quote ♥.

This packaging is really cute; it's so simple yet it does the job.

Blake Lively looks gorgeous as Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl. She's wearing J Mendel and the dress is amazing.

These stairs look really cool and remind of these pianos stairs i've seen before. Usually stairs are so plain and the little book binds make them so much more colorful and awesome.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Every 60 seconds

Today was pretty surreal. It started like every other day; boring and me being tired and sniffle-y since I got a bit of a cold over the weekend. It was club day and its was success!

Got 50+ members!
It was definitely amazing; I didn't think that we would get this many members and I'm super ecstatic for the oncoming year. After lunch was the usual, Spanish and I'm done with school for the day; we had a sub today in class so there was no tension in the room like there usually is and everyone was speaking english(we're supposed to only speak spanish). After school I called my mom and told her I wouldn't be going to swim practice, because my cold was making it hard for me to breathe and I was sniffling all day and I was getting a slight sinus headache. So I hung out until my friend(who shall not be named) got out of 6th period to drive me home.

After the bell rang we both walked to her car and got in; there was tons of traffic like there usually is and traffic was backed up the whole street. My friend(lets call her Mindy), Mindy was driving up the street; she merged onto the left lane, by this plaza, to get ready to turn onto the expressway. Then out of no where this car comes out from in between the huge line of cars to our right and collides into Mindy's car. It was absolutely surreal, it doesn't even feel like it happened, but I remember my glasses flying off and my screaming filling the car. Thankfully Mindy slammed on the breaks so quickly otherwise the collision could have had a bigger impact. My heart was throbbing and my body was shaking, but to be honest if I had gotten in a car crash with anyone I'm glad it was Mindy. She handles these situations so well. Anyway after we drove into the plaza, Mindy and the other lady exchanged info; Mindy's mom and dad came(her dad's a cop) and helped her out. There were some pretty big dents in Mindy's car and her lights were broke. After all that happened, Mindy drove me home.

I told my parents who were actually pretty cool with it. I was totally expecting them to tell me that I couldn't get in the car with her anymore, but I had explained that it wasn't Mindy's fault but the other lady's fault, even though people say its technically both drivers at fault since they should be aware and cautious. So now I'm sitting here writing while trying to breathe out of one nostril. ugh I can't wait until this cold is gone. So I guess the moral of the story is that:
1) You should always join Art Club
2) Make sure you're constantly looking for people that could crash into you when you're driving

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sentimental Feelings

For English this weekend, I was supposed to analyze something from media for rhetorical strategies(ethos, logos, pathos). I remembered a commercial that I while back and thought it would be perfect; I re-watched the commercial and the song in the background really struck me and now I'm obsessed with it. Take a listen and fall in love.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

What does the Fox Say?

I was on Twitter and and Emily Osment tweeted this video; I naively thought that it was be good song but I listened to it and this was my reaction:
Take a listen and see what you think.

Weekly Crush //


Last week, we had a spirit week and one of the days was Music genre day. Of course I didn't have any concert/music related t-shirts because I'm a recluse and don't get out much. When i got home that day I was wondering what kind of shirt would have gotten if I did go to a concert; I don't have any "favorite" artists, but I definitely love Leighton Meester <3. So I found out that she went on a tour with the band called Check in the Dark and I found out that they still had some T-shirts left from their tour. Mhm I want this shirt.

If you know what show this is from. We tight.

If you've fully stalked me then you know that I'm obsessed Gossip Girl and I saw this picture on Pinterest and I was like: OMGOMGOMGOMG. pin.


I saw this picture and it reminded me of summer, when I went to Yosemite with Sandy and her family and her cousin's family. It was a lot of fun and there was no wifi or internet, or cell phone service so i was really one with nature.


I discovered this Youtube channel called Domics and it's absolutely hilarious; a lot of his videos are relatable and his accents for people are so funny. Click here

Friday, September 6, 2013


So today was Friday, and I'm feeling kind of controversial about all of the events that happened today. In English, we started talking about rhetorical appeals/strategies blah blah English stuff but it was about Miley Cyrus' VMA performance which was pretty interesting; it definitely got everyone a little eager to participate since it was about more contemporary current events. After that, yaddi yaddi ya, fast forward to lunch. Sonia and Carol and I were working on a poster for Club Day at school which is on 9/11/13.

Come join the Art Club!
After lunch, Sonia and I went to Spanish. We got to class and started doing the usual everyday work. Once we got into little groups, we started discussing the work. All of a sudden the teacher called me and this other girl in my group, Sadelle, she's a sweetheart. And I new what was gonna happen, she was gonna bust me for my tank top, but I didn't think too much about it; I just thought that she was going to just warn us about our clothing. But with my luck; of course, she just suddenly gave us Saturday School Slips and told us that she would see us when we came back to class(we were supposed to go to the attendance office). OK honestly, my tank top was not 2 inches, but this was the first time she had ever talked to be about my clothing; she's given other people in our class warnings and they were much more "revealing" clothing than I did today. It was so humiliating and unfair. I had never gotten a Saturday School and I thought it was completely impartial, because the other girl that wears more reaveling clothing gets As so that's probably why she didn't get Saturday school. UGH. I just hope my parents don't freak out. One of my friends, Alexis, told me that I should get my parents to call the office saying that I did not receive a warning and that it was unfair. I don't know if that'll work, but I guess I might try it. Sydney and I had planned to go to Yogurtland afterschool to celebrate the weekend, because Facebook had this 5oz free coupon. Of course after the whole clothing thing, I didn't really wanna go, but I decided I would make an effort. So we went, and I got my yogurt with mochi. <3

Left: Sydney's yogurt       Right: My yogurt
Now I am here and I just wanna fall asleep and forget about today. Getting some inside advice about my situation from an expert. Thank god its Friday -_-

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

VW Bug

After school today Carol and I walked to CVS because she wanted to buy chocolate and Neosporin(What a weirdo, jk Carol ;). Anyway, when we were walking there I was ranting to her about how its so degrading how the CVS workers make you take your backpack when you walk in. Seriously its not like we're going to jack all of your stuff. What buttholess. But I digress  when we left we saw my dream car! But a different color, like a light blue color that black matte just doesn't really work for me. Seriously, if someone gets that car for me I will literally fall over and die.

I want a 1970s VW Bug
There are 2 cars that I want; 1 more reasonable, the other not so much.
1) 1970s VW Bug

2) Carrera Porsche

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Awkward Waiter Moment

Thank god its Labor Day weekend; I do not want to go to school on Monday. Today was pretty hectic, surprisingly when I woke up this morning I did homework so I actually don't have too much to do tomorrow. Yay for not procrastinating! So after doing some homework, the fam and I went to Costco eat lunch and upgrade our phones. Let me just say props to the Costco guy for putting up with my mom(I tweeted it)
My mom literally wore down the phone kiosk guy; I think we spent over 2 hours there and she asked him about 50+ questions. I kind of felt bad for him, but he was pretty chill and nice even though I could kind of tell he was getting annoyed. So we came to upgrade our phones. My phone history is long, but to keep it short I had the HTC Sensation 4g, but at swim practice someone went through my bag and stole it.
Then as a replacement I had to take an old phone we had lying around the house, the ancient Nexus 1. I've had this phone for a couple months waiting for the 2-year contract to end and today we upgraded! So I had the choice between the Samsung Galaxy s4 or the HTC One. I ended up choosing the s4 because of all the hype and its cool features, but I'm wondering if I should exchange it(I have 14 days to choose). Anyway after upgrading we went to Yogurtland to get frozen yogurt. I found a Facebook offer that gives you the first 5 oz of yogurt for free; so my yogurt ended up being $00.76. OH YEA! EXTREME COUPONING. After yogurt I went home, showered, and got ready for dinner.

My friends and I went out to Buca for dinner and it was actually a lot of fun. My friend, Sydney, won a $50 gift card to Buca di Bepo at my high school's Bridge Night(an Asian get-together to raise money for our school). Sydney and Ally were the only 2 white people there; it was great. So we used her giftcard to pay, but at the beginning of the night, we had been seated and the waiter came and left in a hurry; he didn't even ask us if we wanted any drinks. Anyway, another waiter lady came up and asked if we had been helped and we had said no, because our other waiter never came back. The lady looked pretty flustered and said that we would be allowed to pick any salad or appetizer on the house, of course my friends and I got excited 'cuz I mean free food. Our waiter and the lady came back and asked us if we had been introduced and we said we had and then the lady seemed kind of rude about it. It made the whole situation feel very awkward and we hadn't really been helped, and in the end we didn't get the free appetizer :(. I feel like they should have brushed it off though. The rest of the night our waiter barely came to us and helped us. Dinner was alright, it was wasn't great, Buca isn't usually one of my top go-to restaurants, but we had the giftcard so it was cool.

Our penne pasta looked kind of weird...... They could have chopped up the sausage and mixed it in the pasta

Lia and Ally are so cute

Selfies for dayzzz

Out on the Town

Peplum Top: Pacsun
Jeggings: Macy's
Cardigan: Papaya
Fringe Bag: Thrifted
Necklace: Forever 21
Boots: My Mama

Yay! I finally got around to doing a fashion post. So my friends and I went out to eat dinner, because Sydney scored a $50 giftcard to Buca at Bridge Night. So my outfit honestly was thrown on in about 5 seconds; the denim peplum top contrasts well with the black jeggings and the boots give it that little "oomph". The fringe bag matched the boots as well, making the outfit seem put-together even though I literally threw it on before leaving the house.

Girls Like You - The Naked and Famous

This song is literally my theme song; ever since I watched The First Time(2012) i've been obsessed with this song. Take a listen and enjoy!