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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weekly Crush //


I found this super cute tumblr website, and it makes me really happy when I go through it. Jacqueline, the owner of the site and the illustrator draws so many cute little pictures and animations and they make you feel really happy when you read them. If you're feeling down I suggest you go visit this site.


I haven't really been reading much, which I hate, but I wanted to reread a favorite book of mine. The Overachievers by Alexandra Robbins is an amazing book. It truly displays the struggles that many high school students go through. I felt I could relate to this book, which made it even more personal for me. I highly suggest this book, it's an easy read and very enlightening.


I recently watched a satyrical film on business called Syrup. I have to say, it was a strange film, but it was good. I definitely recommend watching this film if you're interested in business or how that industry works, you'll get a good laugh out of it too.

Aussies >>>>> Brits
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. TERESA PALMER, newest celebrity/girl-crush. You guys know that I have new celeb-crushes about every week. Its inevitable, but Teresa is sooooo cute and hilarious and she's an AUSSIE, which makes her likability factor go up by about 100 points. Everyone's into British accents and that cool, but Australian accents are just so much better.


So if you missed the Teen Choice Awards, you missed 2 things: the fail twerking record and Ashton Kutcher's acceptance speech. The twerking record was a complete fail, I honestly don't think that the Teen Choice Awards should have gotten that record, but Ashton Kutcher's little acceptance speech was pretty cool; what he says is very true though. Let's all follow his advice.