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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekly Crush //


So I started watching this reality teen webcast thing on Youtube. It's weird, kind of stupid, but you want to know what happens so you keep watching it. LOL. Anywho, on their Twitter account they posted this photo and I thought it was hilarious, because that is literally my reaction to junk food. YOLO.


This outfit is incredibly adorable. I love the colorful striped pattern on the top and the pink sunhat on the girl's head. The floral shorts complete the look with a innocent and springtime feel. I love the way that this outfit was put together.


Everyone is into pineapples and I'm like pineapples are cool I guess, but then I saw this print I loved it! Pomegranates have got to be one my favorite fruits. <3


To be honest, I really like this. Carpe Diem is seize the day, but Carpe Librum is seize the book. Sometimes I have cravings and I really want to read; I want to go to an old used book shop and buy tons of interesting books and just read them all day.


Logan Lerman <3. Enough said. I really want to go see the new Percy Jackson movie, even though i heard it was worse than the first movie. But I'm going to support Logan <3.