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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekly Crush //

So I am starting these new weekly crush things inspired by another really cute blog.


This cute picture reminds of those shorts that are made with pictures, kind of like Wallace & Grommet.


Ever since I started watching Gossip Girl, I have fallen in love with New York. Even though I have never been there before, I feel like I've seen the highlights and the beauty of it all. This quote ties in with my life.


Emma Watson is awesome. I personally feel it is really difficult to distinguish what you like yourself. Society is constantly influencing us and makes us feel the need to like the things that everyone else likes. Being original is so rare nowadays and I have trouble with finding myself too(not to sound cheesy).


I recently discovered a new song called French Kisses by Ruby Summer, while watching a YouTube video. It's soft yet fun, this song has been stuck in my head all day.


Brittany Snow is my new celebrity crush, she is so down-to-earth and cute(if its possible for someone twice my age to be cute). I was watching some Pitch Perfect outtakes, when I came along an interview featuring Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow. Both ladies are so lovely and they're never in tabloid magazines or bombarded with paparazzi.