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Friday, August 16, 2013

First Day

A;SLDKFJA;LSDKFJA;LSDKFJA;LSKDJF. That basically describes my 3 days of school. Wednesday was my first day of school and I'm already tired; emotionally and physically. And swim hasn't even started yet! I feel like I'm already falling into the deep hole of Junior year. So here's my class schedule:

1st Period:  English 5/6 Honors
2nd Period: US History
3rd Period:  AP Calculus AB
4th Period: Physics Honors
5th Period: AP Spanish

So, I'm only taking 5 classes as a Junior; I thought that this would make me look lazy to colleges and when I went to talk to the schedule director and the principal they both told me that nothing was available. Luckily I'm not the only Junior with 5 classes. I have to say, it is quite nice getting to leave a period early while other people are scurrying to their next class. >:D  Unfortunately, I don't even have my permit yet so not having a 6th period is basically useless. TT^TT But whatevssss G(Mychonny). So I haven't been able to write as much since school started and some of the Weekly Crushes will be missing(Sorry guys!) and I feel bad because I really want to do more with my blog. I'm thinking about starting a fashion section to my blog. I know I already thought about doing that, but I got lazy hehehehe. Anywhooooo you can look forward to the fashion section, missing Weekly Crushes, and my boring daily life.


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