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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DMV Troubles

So today I took the DMV permit test(its been a long time coming), waited FOREVER and all the time I was waiting in line, waiting to take my picture, waiting for my mom to sign the papers I was thinking, "I had better pass or I'll have to come back and all of this again". And of course I didn't pass.

Literally my reaction after I found out my score
Now I have to wait a week to retake it. Ok, so don't judge, but there were a lot of driving questions on the the test! I know, I know, its a drivers permit test, but there were a lot of senarios and I didn't understand a lot of them; there are always 2 answers on the question that are trick questions, because either of them sounds like it could be true. So I needed to get 8 or less errors to pass, and of course with my luck I missed 9. But the thing is, my carpool had to take me to the DMV, and my carpool is going to England for 1 month for a wedding so I wont be able to retake it until she gets back or one of my working parents takes me. I just need to get my drivers license ASAP. I need to be able to drive myself to swim practice.