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Friday, August 30, 2013

2 Seconds under

My first back at swim practice was yesterday, it was actually not as hard as I thought it was going to be; I thought I was going to be completely out of shape, but I was fine. Since my swim situation is all messed up(which you can read about here in "The Hierarchy of Swimming" post) I was unsure about what group I was going to be placed in this year. Obviously I wanted to be in National group. but I was afraid that I would be too slow/not fit the criteria. Any who after talking to my coach, she said that I would be able to swim with National if my attendance would be frequent; of course since my carpool is going to England for a month I had to find another way to Gunderson. Luckily(S/O to Haeden) a friend of mine that swims too said he would be willing to take me. I am actually extremely glad that this opportunity found me when it did.

After practice, the coach of National group, Andre Sillas(an amazing coach & swimmer), wanted to talk to me; he made me do some breaststroke skim drills on land and after he asked me about my breaststroke times. I told him that I had a 1:13, only a couple hundredths of a second away from the CCS. He then told me that I had to be 2 seconds under the CCS by December. A;LDKJFA;LSDKFJ;ALSKDJF;ALSKDJF. THATS LIKE IMPOSSIBLE,but if Andre believes that I can do it, then I better work a hell of a lot harder to reach that goal; I just have to think positive thoughts. Good luck to me.