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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Life of the eldest

those with short attention spans just skip over all this cuz I don't need you anyway

As the eldest child in the family, I have several responsibilities. When I say "several" it means I'm actually expected to do everything in the house. I am the one that gets yelled at, I am the one that is limited, I am the one that does everything wrong. For example, because this week was the July 4th week, I got 2 extra days off of summer school. My parents had to go out of town on business  so my 2 younger sisters and I stayed at my cousin, Catherine's, house. (She's basically living with me for summer school). Yesterday Catherine and I were supposed to go to the mall and check off another item on my summer bucketlist, but my parents wanted me to go home and study. THEY WEREN'T EVEN HOME AND I HAD TO STUDY? seriously? The whole point of a weekend is to relax, not cram more studying and information down my throat. Luckily my aunt convinced my mom to let us stay until Sunday. But wait, for some reason I'm in my room blogging instead of having fun at Great America. Why did this happen you say?

Since my parents wanted us to go and my aunt convinced them to let us stay, "we" (actually means me, because I am the eldest) were supposed to do homework. At my mother's wishes, I stayed there and did homework instead of going to check things off my bucketlist. On Saturday we were supposed to go to Great America, but my aunt's annoying friends came instead and messed up all of our plans again, so they went to San Francisco today instead. After the end of that day, my parents called and asked how the mall was.

Mother: How was the mall?
Me: *are you serious?* I didn't go, because YOU said that we had to stay home and do homework.
Mother: Really? Did you even bring your homework?
Me: Yea, *you were the one that basically yelled at me and forced me to bring it* I finished all of my math summer homework for school in the fall.
Mother: Good job, we just want you to be good (do well in life)
Me: *Whatever* Ok, bye

Later on the called again and said that they would drive to my aunt's house and stay for dinner. After the told us that, they asked what were going to do the next day (Saturday), I told them that my aunt planned for us to go to San Francisco. My parents turned right around and told me that I couldn't go, because I had already been to San Francisco. When they arrived at my aunt's house I started angrily packing my things, and they asked what I was doing. I told that since we were going home I would obviously have to bring my overnight things home too. My mom said I could stay the night.

Oh? I can stay the night? HOW GENEROUS. You're trying to "compromise" by letting me stay at Catherine's house TO SLEEP. Yea, I'm going to have sooooo much fun sleeping. I told them that there was no point in me sleeping over if we were going to go home in the morning anyway. We went home and now I am here. In my room. And this morning my mom told us all that we had to clean up. Which of course that means that I clean up while my 2 sisters lalidag in their rooms on the computer having fun. So of course, I tell them that they need to clean up and my mom turns around at me and tells me that everytime I clean up I always yell at my sisters. Oh, sorry I'm just trying to get them to actually clean up the messes that THEY made. So I made a plan

I took pictures of all the places that I was supposed to clean up. And while I was doing that, my mom started yelling at me for carrying out my plan. "STOP TAKING PICTURES, YOU THINK THAT YOU'RE GOING TO TAKE PICTURES AND SHOW US HOW MUCH YOU CLEAN? I ALWAYS CLEAN THE HOUSE BLAHBLAHBLAH" Throughout all of the screaming I was silently taking my pictures. Then my dad told me that I had attitude and threatened me by asking if I wanted to live out on the streets. Through all of this I was trying to stay strong and not cry, to show them that their threats were usual and that I didn't care. I almost succeeded.

While I was silently, and angrily cleaning up tears rolled down my eyes. After I cleaned up, I took a break and started this post. Just now a minute ago, my mom asked where I put all of HER papers, that were cluttering the living room. I told her that I put them in our library, then she started telling my dad "that every time they(my sisters and I, but actually just me cuz I'm the only one that cleans) clean up they just dump things in the different places" I marched over to the library where they were and began pointing out the things and where I put them.

Me: *pointing at a box* I moved thi....
Mother: Keep your voice down!

My younger sister was having a violin lesson and didn't the teacher to hear how my mom was about to yell at me for basically cleaning up the whole living room. I'm glad I let off a little steam, kind of, and no this is normal. A usual day for the eldest child in the family