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Sunday, July 7, 2013


those with short attention spans just skip over all this cuz I don't need you anyway

My mother has been making me file things for her this whole day. I spent 2 hours this morning at 10, then she's been calling me every 5 minutes, I haven't even been able to eat lunch. Thankfully I have had enough time in between calls to make some popcorn. Right now, I'm righting this post in intervals, every 5 minutes. Seriously, so much for a 4 day weekend. This was my weekend. 3/4 days I was working.

Thursday: Sleepover
Friday: Hw and help Catherine with video
Saturday: Clean house
Sunday: File papers

What an exciting weekend! After I filed everything and basically spent half the day on it, I asked her if I could get paid for it and she said no. Its ok I'm kind of alright with that, but the thing is. My mom will pay my sisters to, for example, practice their instruments, something they should already be doing. Honestly, some people don't know how good they have life.