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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 1 - On the road

Road trips make me a little uneasy. My family and I planned to leave our house at 4 this morning. My friend Sydney slept and came with us. For some reason my 3:15 alarm didn't go off and my mother woke up at 3:50. As I lie on my pillow against the car window, my head vibrating from the tire rolling on to our destination, I can't help feeling a little bit responsible for adding CO2 to the earth's atmosphere. Whilst driving, a car secretes CO2 into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming. But enough about gases and our impending climate change. We are on our way to San Diego. Visiting colleges was our main focus for the trip, but because of a lot of my relatives live in San Diego we are visiting hem too. In fact we're staying with my aunt. My two cousins who I will be loving with for the next week are quite characters. 1 going to be a senior the other moving onto the trials and tribulations of high school. They are both big gamers, constantly in the computer it playing video games. I'm really appalled that they don't do more. They live in one of the most beautiful cities across America. Last weekend was the annual San Diego Comic-con, they live 15 minutes away from the warm surf and sand. Yesterday I asked my cousin Kyle if he would be interested in going to a concert, because The Ready Set were having a concert in San Diego on the Wednesday my family and I would be staying there. And he replied with a lethargic "not really". I honestly don't know where their sense of adventure and joy is, I wonder of they know that there is a world beyond their computer screens. I have another 7 1/2 hours to go, hopefully I won't go crazy and I am absolutely starving.

Basically sums up the day