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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I started using Spotify months after everyone else did; I didn't really want to get on board the bandwagon, but I caved. Spotify's pretty nice except that sometimes it doesn't have a couple of songs that I have to head on over to Soundcloud for, but other than that it does the job. So Spotify had this diagnostic test for users that showed number of plays, top albums. top playlists that revolve around your usage of the app. Of course on mine they mostly pertain to Leighton.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weekly Crush //

This is pretty accurate about a few aspects of my life and I think that's a reason my I created this blog. I can kind of share my feelings, not with just the nonexistent people that read my blog, but also with myself.


Because it was finals week there was not much homework to do so I ended up watching the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. There is so much controversy about the show and how people start to feel ugly or fat, but I think that people should take a different perspective. That perspective essentially says that you feel threatened and paranoid that someone is attacking you, yet no one is but yourself. The models were beautiful and they had very nice bodies, so I thought to myself that I should get into shape. So I did tons of ab work exercises. If you need motivation to workout just watch the VS Fashion Shows.


This goes back to #2. A Great Big World was a performer at the fashion show; the song surprisingly sounded alright with its whole happy and vibrant atmosphere. This song is pretty sad and sweet and just charismatic. If anyone wants to practicing crying this song will do the trick.

Erin Heatherton
Karlie Kloss

Both of these gorgeous women are Victoria Secret models. To be honest when I first say Karlie Kloss I thought her name was pretty awesome, but she looks so cute to me, like a little kid cute; I think its the short hair. Upon seeing Erin Heatherton I thought that she looked very similar to a girl that graduated from my school; of course Erin is thinner and has that model smile. I think that these two are my favorite of all of the Victoria Secret Angels.

Since it's WINTER BREAK I have a bunch of time, which means TV SHOW BINGE WATCHING. So this show Revenge is really awesome, its all about revenge and manipulation and of course those are the two of my favorite nouns; the plot is also different than a lot of other shows, well I haven't exactly seen many other soap operas this show is really good. I strangely love Emily VanCamp's speech pattern as Emily Thorne. Revenge is like a more elaborate, politer/frostier version of Mean Girls.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

This Club // 1000 Subscriber

So recently after browsing YouTube for a bit I found this really awesome song. It's a pretty happy song that you should listen to especially since its that time of year, finals.

While listening to the song, I noticed that this band only had 999 subscribers, so I took the chance and I became the 1000 subscriber. It was pretty awesome and when I tweeted it I got a reply. #awesomeness

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Shoutout // Sujin Jeong

+Sujin Jeong  wanted one so I thought "sure, why not?" I met Sujin when I was a freshman in Mrs. Sarkar's Bio Honors class. That class definitely made me rethink biology as any kind of future path. We suffered in that class with Anuja and Joseph; all four of us were at the same table all year and we bonded over Sarkar's pop quizzes, detailed lab reports, and field trip scavenger hunts. Sujin was someone that I thought was incredibly intelligent and talented, not only academically, but socially in addition to Speech & debate and martial arts. I think that we specifically bonded over video chats that we would have to study for bio tests/quizzes, I think that sometimes they helped, but a lot of the time we had technical difficulties or we would just got off topic.
One distinct memory I had was when Sujin came over to my house and we ended up watching Mean Girls, baking brownies, and sorting clothing. It was a lot of fun and one of the better days during freshman year.

Sujin is an amazing person overall and I can always learn something new from her, from coaching me in Duo to teaching me songs for Bio. You should definitely check her out on Instagram: @Sujinah

Key words >> Smurf Village // Choco pie // density dependent

Friday, December 13, 2013

Weekly Crush //

This room is so pretty and it kind of reminds me of Ally's house. I think windows are so important and I love the light; it makes everything seem happy with no worries. I feel that a lot of people are filled with stress and worry that we should just be happy and do what makes us smile and laugh, whether it be with the company of friends or just some alone time with yourself.


This week has been especially exciting for me in terms of music. Most people don't know that Leighton can sing, in addition to some of her club songs she has some really cute indie songs. I found 2 other songs that were swirling around on the internet. It's virtually impossible to find any of her songs anywhere. I literally waiting for her (hopefully soon to come) album to drop so I can just replay it constantly. At first these songs might not be your cup of tea, but I just love them both. To be honest I'm singing them both right now :3


This song is actually a really good song as well; it definitely doesn't sound like the previous 2 songs but this song is a good way to boost your confidence if you're feeling a little down.

How witty is this? I think  I told this joke a bunch of times to people when I saw this and they looked at me with a mixture of disbelief, shock, and that "oh my god...." look.

Lately I've been obsessed with tattoos. Don't worry I plan on getting a tattoo anytime soon; to be honest I'm to afraid of the pain and the permanentness, I'm definitely not ready to commit myself to anything like this. But I found this little DIY temporary tattoo how to online, it didn't work, but I think I would definitely want some tattoo makers to experiment. I really like this little star tattoo ★.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Weekly Crush //


This is actually a really amazing remix/mash up of a lot of the most popular songs of 2013.


I recently found a new love for electronic/techno music. The song sounds so awesome even without lyrics, take a listen and enjoy.

I know this is my second post about mermaids on weekly crushes, but this literally explains my entire life and childhood. Who cares about legs when you can breathe underwater and swim the depths of the ocean. 

On Thursday I volunteered at the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. Usually I participate in the 5K, but this year I figured I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone by volunteering and getting points for the highs school club I'm in(NHS). Anywho, I was looking through my clothing for something to wear and I found some yoga capris that I had gotten when I last went to San Diego. I always thought that capris didn't keep warmth in very well, but they actually insulate your legs very well.

I feel that sometimes I'm a pushover and I don't want people to be able to just walk all over me. That's probably why my spirit animal is Blair Waldorf.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mixtape #6 // Holiday Tunes

christmas lights // coldplay
do they know its christmas time at all // glee cast
snow in california // ariana grande
all i want for christmas is you // mariah carey
all i want for christmas is you // michael buble
christmas (baby, please come home) // leighton meester
extraordinary merry christmas // glee cast
love is everything // ariana grande
santa tell me //ariana grande
its beginning to look a lot like christmas // michael buble
the christmas waltz // she & him
christmas wrapping // glee cast
mistletoe // justin bieber
christmas eve // justin bieber
have yourself a merry little christmas // sam smith
mele kalikimaka // bing crosby
what are you doing new year's eve // idina menzel

Monday, November 25, 2013


A while back the Harlem Shake was this huge thing, I'm sure everyone remembers it. Well during that craze, some of Sandy's family and my sisters and I decided we wanted to do one. We didn't actually get around to editing it until last weekend, but here it is.
P.s. My fav part is +Sandy Lam in the back ^_^

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekly Crush //


A while ago, I saw a comic on Pinterest that I thought was really funny. I never found out who created them until now I found that someone retweeted a comic with a similar style. The artist also drew JANET DEVLIN ALSDKFJA;SLDKFJA;SLDKFJA;SLDKJF I love Janet and her music. Sarah Andersen, the artist, has tons of other hilarious comics that relate to so many teenagers in our generation today.


Timeflies has something called Timeflies Tuesdays where they post a video of a cover on Tuesdays. They recently uploaded an acoustic-ish version to their own song. The song is explicit, but I really like what the song's message is.


I've always loved the spider eyelash effect. I mean, clear eyelashes without clumps are nice too, but there's something that I find fascinating about spider eyelashes.

Ever since Ariel and Peter Pan came out, I always wanted to be a mermaid. This mermaid looks gorgeous which is silly because it's only a cartoon, but how awesome would it be if you could breathe underwater and communicate with aquatic animals and not to mention, your hair would always be so flowy. ♥

Leighton has always been my fav. Always. And she always will be; she's gorgeous and is so down to earth. Earlier this week, it has been confirmed that Leighton is engaged to Adam Brody who has starred on The O.C. I need to watch it so I can see if I approve of Adam, but I'm so excited for her! Congratulations Leighton!

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Joys of Friday

I love Fridays. I'm pretty sure everyone does. This post will be short and sweet, because I have to go work on a catapult project for Physics, blehhh. After school, Ally & Sydney & I all went to Starbucks to celebrate the weekend, and its times like these that make me enjoy life outside of school. After that Syd gave us rides home and we dropped Ally off first so we got to see her new house. Her house is so pretty and there's tons of light and windows and space; she also has this little garden thing in the middle of her house haha. I'm definitely loving it.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weekly Crush

Emma Rigby isn't one of my celeb crushes, but I've definitely been quite perplexed with her. She is a quite good actress. She plays the Queen of Hearts in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland; her background is a little bit complex and it's quite interesting to see her play sweet Anastasia from the past and the evil Red Queen she is, and her little "Dahling'" bit is so cool. I also really like this laugh, its seems so genuine.

I'm a combination of the cleaner, the list maker, the side tracker, the internet researcher, the snacker, and the watcher. 

This picture kind of makes me laugh.


I heard this song on the radio earlier this week and I've been obsessed with it. It's ironic, because the song Can't Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, I do not like, I;m not sure why I just don't. However, this song is very nice and it makes me feel happy when I listen to it.

I really liked Carrie's outfit in the last episode. It was like a cross between a country style and bohemian chic. Annasophia Robb looks absolutely lovely in her outfit with her floral jumpsuit and her plaid  crop top.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Retro School Girl

Jacket: Gap
Skirt: Material Girl // Macy's
Shoes: Easy Spirit

Now that I look back on my outfit, what I wore was a little bit strange, but I like it. I think that self-confidence is extremely important. Not to push confidence and gushy emotions onto you, but I really believe that we shouldn't judge each other on looks or what we wear, but what makes us happy. What I wore got many compliments, but I guess I was just happy that I wore what I liked. I guess this is wear self-expression really comes from, people have fashion, art, writing and I have my blog. ^_^ Also shoutout to Ankita Ramakrishnan for being my photographer for the day while Carol was in the S/D meeting.

Just a candid, that I actually really liked
I like my face in this one as well ^_^

Joint Birthdays

Its Friday. YAY. I really excited because this weekend is a 3-day weekend and I don't have school on Monday! On Saturday, I am having a joint birthday party/get-together with some of my family and friends. Mykayla, Sandy's 8-year old cousin, is having a party with mine. When my mom called my "aunt" she was at Restaurant Depot, a warehouse store for food. Since she was there, my mom decided she get some grocery shopping done for my party. To my delight my mother bought lots a fish so we're having SASHIMI. Sushi/Sashimi is by far, one of my favorite foods. When my mom and my aunt were chatting my mother found out that it was Mykayla's birthday as well and so we decided to have a joint party. Once my mom contacted Sandy's aunt, Aunty Tiffany, Aunty Tiffany realized that Justin birthday was the day after Mykayla's. As of now, I am not sure if Justin will be going my party or having a separate one. Since Justin recently moved into a new house, they recently finished renovating their pool and I have a feeling that Aunty May(Justin's mom) wants to show it off. Anyway I just found out that Lia is a fan of sashimi and sushi. Since she's been a family friend of Ally I thought they would be similar, stereotypical white girl that would hate raw fish. So I now I can't really grasp the concept that she likes sashimi.

I stopped writing there, because my friend(who shall not be named) came by so I couldn't really type. When I asked her what I should title my most recent outfit she asked why I needed a title, I didn't really reply, because I didn't want to tell her about my blog because I didn't really want other people that I know seeing inside my brain. Then after this is what she said "Don't tell me it's for some Outfit of the Day crap." Clearly I didn't want to tell her about my blog after she basically indirectly trashed it. I have to go clean now. My only motivation to clean is when people come over.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Benefits of Being a Wallflower

Coach Andre tries to get me to participate more with the team, but I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place, because when you're the slowest one in the group, you can't really say much. Last Thursday, to "celebrate" Halloween we did relays. The usual captains and the choosing of the teammates commenced. I of course was the last person to be picked. There was actually one other person but Andre chose which relay she would be on and let me choose which relay I wanted to be on. That leaves me in a predicament, I didn't want to burden someone else's team by being on their relay. Luckily, Lauren Akin was kind enough to repeatedly call my name to get my attention. Honestly its just simple things like that, that make me feel better about my teammates.

I know I'm the wallflower, and I'm pretty sure Andre knows too, but I'm okay with it. No expectations, no drama, but of course I have my ever so faithful friends Angela Huang and Natalie Soive(I love her last name). I'm writing this post right outside the pool because my father has not come to pick me up yet, so I'm sitting here all alone. But I like it, I don't have to talk with anyone else or deal with anyone's bullcrap. Parents walking by to pick up their kids probably think I'm the "typical" teenager, always glued to my phone. Little do they know. It's times like these where I wish I could advertise and tell people about my blog, but then people I know would be able to see what I write. To be honest, I regret telling people about my blog, because now I don't have a truthful outlet for me to express myself and my emotions. Cheesy as that sounds, its true.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekly Crush

I always thought that Jennifer Morrison was so beautiful. She's an astonishing actress and I had a crush on her a while back but I just needed to publish it out on my blog. Her hair is so pretty too; there are tons of pictures of her hair and it's so purty-ful.

I'm not really into Halloween. To be honest I feel like its an excuse for people to go around getting free candy and wasting money on decorations. But my mother bought some Hershey's chocolate and I've been eating way too much. It's funny, because I'm not really into chocolate, but lately I've been eating some many of the bite-sized bars.

Ahahahah this^

I wonder if this is a real word. Brb, gonna look it up on omg yes, it is a real word.

I really like this wall; its an "inspiration wall". I've actually really wanted to make an inspiration wall, but there just aren't enough hours in the day or days in the year. School just sucks.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Wonderful - Janet Devlin

Janet Devlin is sooo cute! I found out about her 2 years on the X-factor and she finally has an official music video! YAY JANET. This song is really cute as well, and her voice is just so pretty with her accent mixed in. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

October Break // Final Episode

The final episode is up! This is the final episode, I'm so glad that I was able to do this mini web series and I can't wait for the vacation or trip I go on so I can make another one. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Don't Make Your Face Up

Most high schools are filled with pretty much the same type of people: the Jocks, the Cheerleaders, the Nerds, and the everybody else. But at Leland its a lot different, I mean we have similar groups but they're smashed together. Like we have the Cheerleaders, Jocks, The S/D'ers(Speech&Debaters), The Asians, and the "Popular"group. It's kind of hard to describe, but anyway the point I was trying to make was that I don't wear makeup.

Haha I made a pretty long, off-topic intro for no reason. Anywho, I don't wear makeup. I think the reason is because I am a pretty insecure person, I admit it, but I'm working on it. I feel that if people see me wear makeup they're going to think I'm pretty with it on and wont appreciate my natural face. There are people at school that wear makeup and look gorgeous and when they come to school without it on, I'm so taken back and what they look like without makeup on. I understand that makeup is supposed to enhance your natural features and I feel so many girls nowadays just pack it on.

Every now and then when I have nothing to do I like to experiment with makeup. I have some back from my choir days in middle school and some that Catherine and Carol got me. But anyway it was fun to experiment and see what I would look like if I did wear everyday makeup. It was fun and haha I checked my face out several times in the mirror(talk about vain). I just needed to get out the reason of why I am afraid to wear makeup, but really we should just look at all of our inner beauty. cheesy as it sounds, we should have a day where all girls wear no makeup and we just see each other for our natural beauty.

Shoutouts and Whatnots

So my friend Nica tweets A LOT, like me ehhehee. Anyway I tweeted to her and she tweeted back and she definitely made my day :D

Breaking out the Boots

Sweater: H&M
Guess Jeans: GTM

This was a pretty casual outfit that I threw together and since its getting a little cooler, its the perfect opportunity to break out the new boots. Sorry if I look a little awk in this picture haha, I don't really like taking pictures in front of other people(I was still at school) especially when SOME PEOPLE ARE RUSHING ME(uhum...Carol).

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Crush //


I actually have a really bad obsession with this song; Ariana Grande is absolutely amazing and her voice is phenomenal. This song is a must listen to.


I recently started watching the new fall show and so far its pretty good. Alice is badass.


Sophie Lowe plays the iconic Alice in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. She is so pretty and I love her nose; that might be a weird observation, but I have really high standards especially of noses.

On Friday when I was supposed to be sleeping getting ready for FRN(oops) my family and I ended up watching some movies. At first I did not want to watch White House Down, but after we finished I was so glad that we did, I was tweeting during the movie so haha yea, but omg when Jamie Foxx puts his glasses on before he shoots someone was absolutely comical.


This quote>>>>

Friday, October 18, 2013

Who needs Homecoming?

So, this is kind of late because homecoming was last week I believe but I actually did not end up going as you can tell from the title. I was actually invited to go to my friend's homecoming, which by the way was only $16!!! Ours was $30-$40 I believe. I was going to go, but I decided not to, because she ended up getting a date and I also got the feeling that she didn't want me there/didn't want to crash their dance. So instead Sydney and Carol and I went mini golfing.

To be honest, I didn't exactly enjoy it, not because I didn't win(I got the most hole-in-ones) but because golf just isn't my thing I suppose. I would have rather much gone to the movies or had a sleepover,  something more fun. But we ended up doing golf because Sydney liked it and you know whatever makes her happy.

Anywho, after golf Carol and I ended up going to dinner with Sydney and her family. It was cool and we ended up going to Chili's and lulz we all ordered the same thing. The food was really good, but we couldn't finish and now I'm craving fries. After that we all went home.

It was kind of funny, because after I told Sandy about minigolf this was her reaction:

I have to say it was quite hilarious.

LOL, its hilarious, but I guess I'll just have to go to the next dance.