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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Contradictions in a Word

those with short attention spans just skip over all this cuz I don't need you anyway

We’re reading Macbeth in English right now. Learning about Lady Macbeth’s contradictions reminded me of one thing, My parents. They’re always contradicting what they say. If I come home and can’t find anything to eat and I call them, they get mad. Today I made my own snack, and they yelled at me for not “cleaning up", even though i put everything away. My mom told me that she saved the pan from the last time I made fries and covered it. When I see stuff covered, I don’t touch it, it obviously means DON’T TOUCH. But alas, I was wrong, I am always wrong.

When the table needs to be set for dinner, they call me, no not my sisters who are in middle & elementary school and don’t have any homework or tests. Me. It’s always ME! Then they say I don’t should spend time studying for school. When I’m in my room doing homework, they tell me to take a “break". And no, that doesn’t mean go watch some T.V. or get a snack. A break means “godolaundryandfoldtheclothesandcleanthetableandwashthedishesandfeedthedogandwatertheplants…etc" You get the idea, basically chores.

Another one of my mother’s most common contradictions are about food. If my sisters and I ask her to buy Chocolate Chewy granola bars, she’ll come home with TLC Natural berry/nut bar things.

Mother: This is so good! Why don’t you eat it. You told me to buy these and now you don’t even eat them! This is a waste of my money.

Me: We asked you to buy ____ not _____. We like the other ones.

Mother: Don’t ask me to buy anything anymore. You just waste my money, look at these, they’re much healthier and you want that.

It’s just so frustrating like the tsar in his tug of war of power with the citizens of Russia, on its way to democracy. My parents will just keep giving me “power" and taking it back. Its like a good old war of diplomacy.