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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is Life?

those with short attention spans just skip over all this cuz I don't need you anyway

OK, so we all have those philosophical moments when we just sit down and wonder about life. There’s this kid at school, his name is Kyle. He’s your typical class troublemaker; always talking, making jokes, and yelling across the room to his friends. He’s also a jock, one of the “Popular" people, and apparently a chef. One day we were talking about life, and school, and our futures, and what we wanted to do. He said football. Me? I still have no idea. Don’t know. There are so many things, career choices, lifestyle paths. Anyway, I think maybe he could be a chef. Today we struck up a conversation on food, after watching the film, Pleasantville, in class. He told me how for dinner he baked huge pasta shells, with asparagus, tomato sauce, and some seasoning in the oven. I can make french macarons, as impressive that may be, I could never make pasta shells stuffed with whatever in it. There you go, Kyle Brennan, culinary trailblazer.

I have no idea what I’m gonna do with my life. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be a model? Sorry gotta be tall, 5’ 1" won’t cut it. Olympic swimmer? Sorry gotta be fast for that. Inventor? I probably wont be the person to invent whatever silly gizmo kids are crazy about; silly bands, pillowpets. *Sigh* And my grades! Don’t even get me started on my grades! They say Asian spelled with the A’s is just Sin. I have a C in spanish right now, I’m just waiting for the progress grades to come home so my parents can kick me out of the house. This kind of feels better, blogging my problems. HAHAHA. I can’t believe I just said that, whatever. The only thing is, there’s no one to comment, or react to my emotions. I totally feel like Jenna from Awkward now, am I the only one that thinks that Ashley Rickards looks better without makeup on?