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Sunday, July 17, 2016


I know what you may be thinking "Why would anyone ever want to give up bacon? or ice cream?" Let me start off by saying that I am not currently, as of this publish post date a vegan or vegetarian. but I do have so much respect for them and I aspire to follow in their footsteps. Another disclaimer is that I do not claim to be an expert on veganism or the food industry; these are just some facts that I know and opinions that I am sharing.

Since I've been at school since the end of the semester for summer classes I've had a lot more free time on my hands, which I've dedicated to my health. Ever since I ended my competitive swimming career my body has changed and morphed into something almost unrecognizable. I don't feel like myself and I am dedicated to changing that. I go to the gym everyday and making healthy decisions when preparing my meals.

With all of the free time that I have I spend a lot of it on the internet. Kalel Cullen, a Youtuber and Vegan activist, has been my more recent obsession, along with veganism. She has been the biggest reason as to why I have been more interested in veganism. In the video below she explains her reason for going vegan and all of the benefits(health & environmental) that are associated with eleminating animal products from your diet.

The health reasons were initially the main reasons I was interested in a vegan diet. Cooking my own food and buying my own groceries and eating alone(not sad/not sarcastic) has made eating a healthier diet a lot easier for me. I wanted to cut out as many processed foods as I could(I don't eat many usually) and have a diet primarily based on whole foods. But as I researched veganism more, the outlook I had on animal food products changed.

*WARNING - graphic video clips below*

According to an article written by David Robinson Simon, "Each year, U.S. Department of Agriculture–managed programs spend $550 million to bombard Americans with slogans such as these urging us to buy more animal foods." Meat is such a social article that has been embedded into our society. For me the hardest part about trying to transition over to a vegan lifestyle is obviously the diet. I am currently eating a primarily plant based diet with minimal amounts of animal food products. I don't want to give up dairy products(even though I don't usually eat them) and fish. Going out to eat and having to choose a meal without any animal products while your friend next to you orders a large bacon cheeseburger 

However, I am slowly, very slowly trying. A big help for me has been Pinterest, looking up vegan recipes has honestly been a lot of fun, especially when there are so many healthy, delicious options and alternatives out there. I'm not a large fan of the idea of meat substitutes but with the rise of health gurus there are multiple vegan food products that are available in stores.

The takeaway form this post is that if you're interested in losing weight, becoming more environmentally healthy, or you just love animals I implore you to get educated on the food that you put in your body and the places you spend your money and to really reflect on the impact you can have with simple changes.

Simon, David Robinson. "10 Things We Wish Everyone Knew About the Meat and Dairy Industries." PETA. PETA, n.d. Web. 17 July 2016.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015


If I don't get the RA position next year then I'll get to live in the euchlid house. Part of me hopes that I don't get the position and I'll get to live in it with Tom and Stevie and possible one other mysterious(TBD) housemate. I can imagine crazy Friday nights and lazy Saturday mornings all within the confines of a Scandinavian clad home, complete with our own bar and spacious loft. I found specs of the house online and writing this post is all I can do to keep myself from linking Tom and Stevie.

Ever since I told them about the house, they've been extremely excited. Who wouldn't be? Living off campus with your friends. But Stevie has been a bit controlling in the whole affair. I understand that living with other people means you have to compromise, but I can't help feel like Stevie seems to be calling a lot of the shots. I once brought up wanting to throw a party and Stevie right away expressed his distaste for my idea, saying who he was "not down" for it. I'd just like to host a party once, although I doubt it will ever happen since I'd have to provide refreshments and clean up after all the craziness. More likely than not we'll throw a couple of kickbacks or lowkey get-togethers.

Since both Tom and Stevie are within the 50 mile radius, they can use that excuse to live off campus, but the problem will be finding another housemate. Obviously my go to choice would be Reina, but since she's a 2+3 pre-pharm(TT^TT so smart) she's required to live on campus her sophomore. In fact, all sophomores are required to live on campus, unless they have a viable reason that excuses them. So, our housemate would either be an upperclassman, a commuter, or a sophomore with an excuse. I wouldn't mind living with any of the above, the problem is: most upperclassmen, if they choose to live off campus, live with their own friends, commuters live at home, and it is difficult to get approval to live off campus. I suggested doing interviews with prospective housemates, which Tom responded enthusiastically towards, Stevie a little less.

I understand not wanting to live with a stranger, but at this point we don't really have another choice. I'm just hoping an attractive person will come out of nowhere and live with us :3. Of course, thats just me fantasizing again. Imagining life next year at euchlid just gets me so excited for sophomore year; I've already started thinking about the interior design and the backyard decor.

All of this has got me excited for next semester. I'm ready for a clean slate and ready to meet and vibe with new people.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Who we are

A friend of mine, Josh, and I have a joke about a list with all of the reasons as to why I don't have a boyfriend. Which basically consisted of me being random:

1) Makes random noises
2) Makes random faces
3) Bring up random topics

He recently gave me an evaluation of what he thought my romantic future was going to be like.

1) I become a "cold, hearted bitch with a tall ass white boyfriend"(his words)
2) End up with an average guy

Josh is very cynical and is the "prepare for the worst" type of person. To get what I "want" I'll have to change myself. My "type" can be characterized as tall and white. Unfortunately, this type is very common among the general population of females. These guys know that they get girls so they just do whatever they want. They also go for girls who aren't as "weird".

Essentially Josh thinks I'm going to compromise my character to get what I want. I'll tone down the weird and be more bitchy.

I'm going to experiment and see what happens. This is an extremely shitty time to experiment with finals coming up, but I want to see what happens.


Sunday, November 8, 2015


So university.

I haven't really updated my blog just because I've been sort of busy with college. Man its kind of crazy, college beats you to the ground and bitch slaps you but its also an amazing experience. I love and hate it simultaneously.

I've met some really awesome people here, Spencer, Tim, Reina, Cheyenne to name a few, and when you spend 90% of your free time with these people it makes you wonder. People always say that college is where you find those life lasting friendships, will these be the people that come to my wedding? Will they become the "aunts" and "uncles" to my children? Spencer told me that his parents met at UOP. Will I find my S.O. here? I've met a couple of cute boys and had a couple of interactions with others which I will catch up on heh heh heh.

The college work load is a lot different than I thought it would be. Grades are all based on tests. 3 midterms and a final and thats it. So if you screw up then its game over, GG, have a nice life. So studying is a huge must(even though I'm lazy af). But as a bioengineering major I know I've got my work cut out for me.

Academia, friendships, and independence are all major components of college, but what would college be without the nightlife. I've been out every single weekend except for this weekend and my birthday weekend back in October. UOP is a very small school, so the nightlife here isn't that lit. I'm just looking forward to when I can visit CG down in SLO because I miss him </3.

This is was a very sporadic post but its just a condensed summary of whats been going on for the past two months.


Friday, August 7, 2015

Southeast Asia // Cambodia

Part 2/3 is finally here! Thanks for being so patient with me <3